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Championship Stroke Breakdown Series: Breaststroke Breakdown

Championship Stroke Breakdown Series: Breaststroke Breakdown

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Comprehensive instruction for improving speed, power, breath control, motor memory and the mechanics necessary to achieve personal best times.
  • Teach a fast, effective breaststroke pullout to gain an advantage off of each wall
  • Learn how to improve efficiency in breaststroke by refining each phase of the stroke
  • Learn how to achieve greater speed and distance when entering the water with a fast and effective start and breakout

with Ray Looze,
Indiana University Men's and Women's Head Swim Coach;
5x Big Ten Champions;
Head Coach for Team USA at the 2014 FINA Short Course World Championships

Understanding the key components of a fast and powerful breaststroke will allow you to work the varied styles of breaststroke you see within your team.

Coach Ray Looze describes and illustrates technical aspects that create a successful breaststroke. This includes body position, kick, arm pull, timing, head position, rhythm and other Indiana secrets and strategies.

Each component of the breaststroke race is performed by Big Ten Record Holder in the 100, 200 breaststroke and 200 IM, Cody Miller. Above and below water video footage of Miller, also recognized as a 3x NCAA All American and current US National Team member, provides elite level feedback for what every movement or stroke technique should look like.

Coach Looze provides comprehensive instruction and video illustrations that will teach you how to improve speed, power, breath control, motor memory and mechanics necessary for achieving personal best times.

Optimize pullout speed and efficiency by learning to maintain a good connection between core and arm musculature and by avoiding the classically taught hourglass pull. Coach Looze shows drills that will help improve timing and power by coupling the pull to a forceful body dolphin kick. He includes detailed demonstrations on deck for optimal streamlining with the hands at the side. You'll see how proper head/hips relationship facilities streamlining and maintenance of speed generated by a forceful pullout.

Proper hip, knee and ankle positioning throughout the kick cycle is discussed and modeled to show how to improve body line, and catch the maximum amount of water possible with the feet and legs. Coach Looze shows five drills that will streamline your body, increase ankle speed, feel for the water with the feet, and breath control. Common errors are discussed and demonstrated to provide better understanding for improving your breaststroke kick.

Arm Pull
Coach Looze continues perfecting the swimmers body line, timing, speed, and power with nine drills to help swimmers learn how to develop a powerful, wide and shallow pull with three distinct options for achieving a fast arm recovery.

Learn how the modern method for breaststroke turns was influenced by Cody Miller at Indiana University. Miller's "Side Turn" quickly puts the swimmer onto the stomach for a faster straight line and non twisting position from which to push off from the wall. Watch as Miller demonstrates and Coach Looze talks through this unique and highly effective turn technique.

Develop an athletic body position by connecting the core to the block. Coach Looze shows how to use the rhomboid and trapezius muscles to assist with a quick, powerful and streamlined dive. Drills are provided to assist with developing a powerful, quick downward body line resulting in a smooth and streamlined entry.

Full Stroke Swimming
Learn practice sets and drills for improving posture, streamlining, breath control, and fast recovery. Included are methods for assessing the pull and kick portion of the stroke separately to discover strengths and weaknesses. Looze shares how he creatively trains his breaststrokers for maximizing speed in breaststroke sets. Common errors are also illustrated to improve the swimmer's ability to recognize weaknesses and address them with pertinent drills which are provided throughout this comprehensive video.

Attention to stroke count and judging distance from the wall are important variables for attaining a solid breaststroke finish in stride. Learning to utilize a "punch out" finish when necessary is demonstrated as well.

Coach Looze shows a variety of drills and key elements of breaststroke that a coach can take to any level of swimmer to gain improvement in their breaststroke performance. This video is a must for all swimmers who are serious about improving their breaststroke.

81 minutes. 2015.