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Coaching High School Diving: Safe Diving Basics

Coaching High School Diving: Safe Diving Basics

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Use modeling, pool deck and 1M board progressions to teach basic, safe diving techniques
  • Learn dryland modeling drills that focus on twisting, bending, jumping, turning and somersaulting
  • Practice air movement and water entry by having athletes work on jumping and diving into the side of the pool
  • See athletes execute dives from a 1M board and get immediate coaching feedback necessary for improvement

with Jason Baumann,
Edina High School (MN) Diving Coach; Owner and Head Coach of North Star Diving Club;
FINA certified judge; former USA Diving Director of Coaches Education; 2001 Mountain West Conference Men's Diving Coach of the Year; Nebraska State High School Champion and NCAA All-American as an athlete.

Jam-packed with dryland, poolside and 1M board drills, this video from Edina High School diving coach, Jason Baumann, gives you everything you need to improve the diving abilities of your athletes. Each drill is demonstrated by young divers, then explained in detail by Coach Baumann, making it easy to take the techniques shown and apply them at your next practice.

Modeling Drills

Body position can be perfected much easier on poolside as opposed to in the air/water. Coach Baumann covers modeling drills for twisting dives that work on athletes' ability to bend, jump and turn. Your divers will get instruction on forward jumps, somersaults, back dives and reverses. Coach Baumann also includes a few drills that use a wall to get divers into correct entry position.

Poolside Drills

Before athletes get to the 1M board, practicing on the pool deck can be an effective training method - especially if you have limited access to diving facilities. You'll see Coach Baumann instruct divers on how to execute front jumps, front dives, front somersaults, back dives, back jumps and reverse jumps.

In addition to instructing athletes, Coach Baumann show you how to spot them and guide them to the correct positions on each jump.

1M Board

Coach Baumann completes the video with demonstrations of 20 different dives from the 1M board. You'll learn more about each dive and also hear the feedback that Coach Baumann has for his athletes after they've completed their dives.

This video has all the necessary drills and exercises for creating championship-caliber divers. Coach Baumann's teaching is easy to understand and effective at all levels, making this a great resource for any coach.

116 minutes. 2016.