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Coaching the Quarterback

Coaching the Quarterback

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Eliminate common faulty throwing habits of your QB to improve overall throwing accuracy, velocity and ball location.
  • Train your quarterback to throw from the ground up to develop more power and better accuracy
  • Learn how to take a perfect snap from under center to avoid unnecessary turnovers
  • Learn how to quickly read defenses and deceive defenders to deliver the ball when it counts

with Kevin Gilbride,
former NFL coach and offensive coordinator for six NFL teams - spent over 20 years in the league;
earned two Super Bowl rings as the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Giants

To develop the complete player, you must be able to teach the complete technique. Long time NFL quarterback coach, Kevin Gilbride, does just that in this comprehensive look at the quarterback position.

Coach Gilbride takes you through various fundamentals that he has used to help quarterbacks such as Eli Manning and Warren Moon. His focus is on teaching the four most important considerations for building a successful quarterback: judgment, accuracy, vision and arm strength. He not only offers instruction for developing players' physical qualities, but also the mental aspects of the game.

Building the "Ultimate Throwing Machine"

Coach Gilbride demonstrates his vast experience and knowledge in coaching up quarterbacks as he dissects every aspect of the QB position, starting with the proper stance and grip of the ball. Several key throwing mechanics are covered, as well as proper footwork and how to throw from the ground up to maximize power.

Drop Back Techniques

Each type of drop back is covered, including the 3-, 5- and 7-step drop, as well as how to throw on the move either rolling out or moving within the pocket.

You'll learn how to train your quarterbacks to:

  • find throwing windows
  • make reads
  • tie in footwork with route depth to improve throwing accuracy
  • adjust their weight distribution to create the optimal release

Mental Side of the Quarterback

Successful quarterbacks understand the mental aspect of the game just as much as the physical. Coach Gilbride lists the order of thoughts a quarterback should use every time he approaches the line of scrimmage. The quarterback must recognize the time, the front and the coverage before the snap. Following the snap, the quarterback will learn how to look off the coverage before taking their eyes to their primary key.

Coaches and players at any level will benefit from the experience and teaching from this two-time Super Bowl champion.

60 minutes. 2015.