Leg Riding and Defense: Hustle and ControlThe New Rules of Attack: Defense Against the FunkDefense Against Leg Riders Wrestling Coaching DVD
Use a tough leg ride to score points and inflict pain!
Championship Signature Move Series: Jesse Delgado's Single Leg Finishes and Funk Defense
wrestling video
Never give up an easy point again!
wrestling dvd
Two effective techniques to stop a good leg rider!
wrestling scramble
Learn to wrestle out of bad positions!
Wrestling Instructional Video
with John Smith, Oklahoma State University Head Coach
Wrestling Instructional DVD's
Keep your wrestler's opponent from scoring!
Wrestling Instructional Video
Askren shares his "funk" technique with you!
John Smith's Defense from the Feet
A good defense will lead to a potent offense!
Wrestling Instruction
with Mark Ironside, 2X NCAA Champion
Wrestling Instruction
Kerry McCoy, Stanford University Head Coach
Wrestling Training DVD's
with Mark Ironside, 2X NCAA Champion
Wrestling Instruction DVD
Brands discusses his two rules for successful freestyle defense!