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Drills for Coaching the Quarterback

Drills for Coaching the Quarterback

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Develop elite quarterbacks by using drills focused on footwork, movement, accuracy and throwing motion.
  • Learn a drill progression that teaches foot speed and foot control to help your quarterback deal with the pass rush
  • Discover the fundamentals that make the difference in throwing the football with power and accuracy
  • Get drills that work on throwing from a stationary position and on the move

with Kevin Gilbride,
former NFL coach and offensive coordinator for six NFL teams - spent over 20 years in the league;
earned two Super Bowl rings as the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Giants

Go on the field with long-time NFL quarterback coach, Kevin Gilbride, as he takes you through drill progressions that teach the quarterback position from the ground up. You'll learn all the tools that quarterbacks need to improve their mechanics, footwork, accuracy and decision making from the former coach of NFL players like Warren Moon and Eli Manning.

Footwork Drills

The entire foundation of improving quarterbacks is built on training them to be more confident on their feet. Coach Gilbride preaches the importance of footwork and believes throwing the ball starts from the player's base. The drills included work on foot speed, agility, hip movement and flexibility.

Multiple drop drills are shown as Gilbride coaches up the quarterbacks on the 3-, 5- and 7-step drops. Your players will learn why keeping their feet and body pointed in the right direction will help them throw accurate passes with more zip.

Movement Drills

Quarterbacks won't have the luxury of a clean pocket on every drop back, which is why learning to step up in the pocket and scramble to find open receivers is essential in the development of elite passers. Movement drills train the quarterback to move up in the pocket with a tight base, which allows for a quicker release of the ball. By training your quarterbacks to keep their eyes down field, they'll be able to scan the defense and spot teammates while evading pressure.

Throwing Drills

Coach Gilbride demonstrates a progression of drills to create the proper release at the end of the throwing motion. Quarterbacks are taught to push the ball away from the front shoulder and pick out a target on every release of the ball.

You'll also learn a vision drill that challenges quarterbacks to throw accurately and on time as a receiver races across the field between windows of defenders. As passers become more comfortable threading the needle in practice, they'll get more confident during crunch time in games.

This video is the perfect resource for any QB that desires to take their game to the next level. The drills and techniques taught by Coach Gilbride are certain to give quarterbacks the skills they need to successfully lead their team to victory.

65 minutes. 2015.