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Explosive Movement Training for Tennis Players

Explosive Movement Training for Tennis Players

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Learn explosive change of direction drills that will maximize your court coverage and athletic potential
  • Build an explosive first step that will enable you to return more shots and become a more effective player
  • Get fixes to common movement errors that will conserve energy and help players move more efficiently
  • Learn footwork skills that will enable players to crush a winner versus hitting an off-balance shot into the net

with Richard Woodroof,
ITPA-CTPS, USPTA, NESTA-SAQ / Director Impact Sports Performance

Tennis players change direction every 1.1 seconds. As the speed of tennis has increased, so has the need for efficient pre-shot movements. Using exercises incorporating speed as an element of direction change, ITPA-certified Tennis Performance Trainer Richard Woodroof breaks down a training sequence beneficial to tennis players and coaches of all skill levels.

Movement Exercises

Concentrating on hip muscles, balance and the first step, Coach Woodroof leads you through a progression of stretch band, plyometric and cone workouts that put the body into proper hitting positions. Coach Woodroof explains correct and incorrect posture and procedure for numerous exercises. It's evident during the seven, five and three cone workouts why previous exercises must be done correctly for maximum benefit.

All of these exercises can be done on court during good weather or inside during inclement weather.

Footwork Drills

The Ladder Groundstrokes drill puts a new twist on using a footwork ladder for drills. Emphasizing his focus on hip strength, the drill uses a footwork ladder to move a player forward through the shot with quick explosive movements.

Primarily targeting intermediate players who want to fine tune their footwork to take their game to the next level, many of these exercises and progressions will benefit players of all skill levels.

For coaches of beginning players, this video helps players understand that there's an approach to the game beyond "hit, prepare and hit again" while also being a good general fitness workout. If you have players striving for the next level, you'll be able to show them technical aspects of training footwork that can be the difference between crushing a winner or hitting an off-balance shot into the net.

Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned player looking to gain an edge, everyone can improve their footwork and become a better player using Coach Woodroof's teachings.

68 minutes. 2016.