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Wide Receiver Drills

Wide Receiver Drills

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with Curtis Johnson,
former University of Miami Wide Receiver Coach

Coach Johnson demonstrates drills that improve and promote finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination, a lower center of gravity, and proper stance and start. Johnson points out common errors and incorrect techniques while he teaches the proper way to catch the football. This video covers drills for running hitch, curl, in, out, fade, post, stop & go, fly, streak and comeback routes. The drills stress the important factors of the stance and start by incorporating the receiver's strengths. Johnson uses cone drills to lower the receiver's center of gravity and improve the receiver's ability to maneuver, turn, and change speed. This video teaches how to beat press coverage by using a variety of release moves: stutter step, hard inside, hands, speed-off, hesitation, slam, turn body, and double moves. Film clips demonstrate each move and route to exhibit their effectiveness in game speed. 30 minutes. 2003. DVD.