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Championship Football Practice Organization and Drills

Championship Football Practice Organization and Drills

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with J.T. Curtis,
John Curtis Christian School (LA) Head Coach,
2006 USA Today National HS Coach of the Year;
21 State HS Football titles

One of the most understudied/understood parts of successful athletic programs, at all levels, is the importance of quality practice planning and organization of every practice. Coach JT Curtis is a master of organization and in this DVD, he covers every period of the Patriots practices. "Practices are truly where championships are won!" --- Coach JT Curtis has won 21 state championships! Curtis urges coaches to never go to any practice without a plan that is shared with all of your coaches. He also shows examples of his practice plans and the extreme detail every period gets. Four keys to every practice are covered in this video starting with scripting plays for both offense and defense. Curtis then covers the importance of getting your second string players enough quality reps. Strategically scheduling breaks within practice will allow your practices to run move effectively. The final key Coach Curtis emphasizes is practice tempo - running practices at a high tempo allows you to simulate game situations more effectively and avoid wasting practice time on conditioning as a separate focus. 63 minutes. 2005. DVD.

J.T. Curtis 4-Pack
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Championship Football Practice Organization and Drills
Practices are truly where championships are won!
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J.T. Curtis 4-Pack


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