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45 Blitzes for the 3-5-3

45 Blitzes for the 3-5-3

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with Taylor Burks,
Georgia Military College Defensive Coordinator

Georgia Military College has dominated defensively since switching to the 3-5-3 defense in 2001. Since that time, GMC has finished every season ranked in the top three in total defense in the NJCAA. By attacking offenses and making plays in the backfield, the Bulldogs confuse offenses and win games. In this DVD, Coach Burks diagrams many different ways of bringing 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-man pressure. He keeps the defensive back coverages simple and ties them into each blitz. All of his blitzes are simple, yet effective and will make game planning difficult for your opponents. By utilizing the five fronts of the 3-5-3 (base, solid, under, tough, and double eagle) offenses will have a very difficult time identifying from where the pressure will come. This will keep offenses off balance and greatly reduce the chances of a quarterback calling an audible to exploit your weakness. This DVD builds upon the concepts learned in the Basic of the 3-5-3. 50 minutes. 2005. DVD.