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Dynamite Drills for Developing Wide Receivers

Dynamite Drills for Developing Wide Receivers

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with Al Fracassa,
Birmingham Brother Rice HS (MI) Head Coach,
6 State Championships, All-time wins leader in Michigan HS FB;
and featuring Dave Sofran

Coach Sofran's goal is to teach coaches how to condition athletes to make plays and learn how to catch the football better. You'll get precise information on implementing an effective WR pre-practice routine that emphasizes stance and explosion off the line, which also serves as a great athletic conditioner. You'll learn tips for developing such critical receiver aspects as keeping the feet forward with 75-percent body weight on the feet, how to keep the hips square and how to develop a receiver's eyes while teaching him to always look downfield. Against press coverage, you'll learn how to teach receivers to keep their hands ready for battle and to make sure that their feet are tight. As a bonus, you'll learn the ins and outs of outside release on the snap, how to \freeze\" defenders and other key receiver skills. Sofran demonstrates valuable drills such as the freeze drill, various cone drills that teach players to break back to the ball, the four-corner drill to help receiver square off their route, the distraction drill to develop a receiver's concentration on the catch, a sideline drill that teaches the sideline comeback route and more! This time-tested drill package covers all of the key elements of running defender-shaking routes and how to focus on catching the football! 29 minutes. 2007. DVD.

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