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Base Rules for 4-3 Cover 4 Defense

Base Rules for 4-3 Cover 4 Defense

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with Mike Yeager,
Indiana University Assistant Coach / Safeties

Cover 4 is a defensive concept that serves as an anchor for many college football programs. Coach Yeager is a firm believer in the 4-3 Cover 4 defense. He presents the base rules of their Cover 4 defense and drills used to develop the Hoosiers defense. Corners will play three different techniques in Cover 4, but their primary rule is to protect the post under all circumstances. Yeager presents four routes that give this defense the biggest challenges, called Cover 4 beaters. Specific attention is paid to the 11 and 10 personnel, which is the offensive spread attack with use of game footage. Other areas discussed are single width adjustments, Cover 4 check yoyo, Cover 6, Cover 7, check flood, empty-check, and check Hawk. Using graphics over game footage, each of these checks are carefully described and illustrated. The final segment is dedicated to personnel in the 3-4 package. This down and distance package adds an extra defensive end for a lineman to create better speed and coverage. Game footage also shows the four man rush with the use of a pick to gain a rushing advantage. 80 minutes. 2007. DVD.