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Hand-to-Hand Combat & Disruption Drills for the Defensive Line

Hand-to-Hand Combat & Disruption Drills for the Defensive Line

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with Todd Howard,
UCLA Defensive Line Coach,
former Assistant Defensive Line Coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars,
former All-American Linebacker (Texas A&M)

In their 2007 campaign, the Bruins fielded a Top 20 defense in nearly every statistical category including #3 in the nation in third down conversion. Coach Howard breaks down practice footage and game footage of the UCLA defensive line, and discusses tips & techniques that will help you create disruptions in your opponent's passing game. Coach Howard teaches five types of ball disruptions and shows how keeping stats on these disruptions can help you in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your of your pass rush game. To train his athletes, Howard uses four disruption drills and twelve hand-to-hand combat drills. He highlights key points for each drill and shows them being run in a UCLA practice. Howard also shows his "Altered Passes" and "Sacks" highlights to demonstrate how this drill work pays off in game situations. Throughout the DVD, Howard explains and demonstrates tips & techniques to get your d-line to the quarterback and what to do once they get there. He shares eight rules for rushing the passer and discusses three different kinds of rushes with counters for each. With the popularity of the spread and other passing offenses, this video is invaluable in helping your team create more sacks & incomplete passes. 62 minutes. 2008.


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