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3-5-3 Defense 3-Pack

3-5-3 Defense 3-Pack

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featuring Stephen Crounse,
Patuxent HS (MD) Head Coach;
2007 and 2008 Southern Maryland Athletic Conference Champions!

Patuxent High School is well on their way to becoming a perennial power since the installation of the 3-5-3 defense four years ago, Coach Crounse had a team that was searching for a defensive identity and found it with the with the 3-5-3. In 2006 and 2007, the Panthers were conference champions and in 2008, they led the conference in scoring defense by only giving up an average of 12.1 points per game. This is a simple defense will prove to be stout for any team at any level. Use simple rules to ensure your players are in the right position on each play; regardless of the offensive formation.

Fronts & Coverages for the 3-5-3 Defense

Create blocking breakdowns and coverage misreads with Stephen Crounse's compelling version of the 3-5-3 Defense. Using simple movements based on offensive formations, Crounse's defense morphs into a 3-4, 5-2, and at times a 4-3 look all anchored in the 3-5-3. In this football DVD, Crounse covers the base alignment of the 3-5-3. He works into the defensive fronts and the coverages that his teams use with great success. He then shows five defensive fronts in detail: Okie, Okie Tough, Steeler, Bear and Miami. The base coverages paired with these fronts include Cover 3, Cover 2, Cover 1 and match up zone vs. empty sets. These coverages follow a match-up zone with man principle philosophy to match-up with the strength of the offense's formation. You can have defensive success without prototypical defensive players. This defense is perfect for any coach who has a lot of athletes (or "tweeners") but not the typical-sized linemen, linebackers and defensive backs. And it's very effective. Since installing the 3-5-3, Patuxent (MD) is 29-7. Install the 3-5-3 today! 45 minutes. DVD. 2009.

19 Blitzes for 3-5-3 Defense

You can play aggressive, blitzing defense without abandoning technique. Stephen Crounse shows you how to apply pressure from all directions while maintaining your defensive line's ability to be effective single gap players. Learn three powerful defensive line slants to occupy blockers and open blitzing lanes. In this 3-5-3 DVD, Crounse reveals 19 of his most successful two- and three-man combo blitzes. He provides a simplified blitz numbering system that makes installation and memorization easy for teams at any level. Crounse narrates and diagrams over game footage to show the blitizes against various offensive alignments and to highlight coaching points. With this aggressive 3-5-3 you can build a defensive identity and put a defense on the field your kids will belive in. 52 minutes. DVD. 2009.

Practice Drills for the 3-5-3 Defense

Implement the 3-5-3 into your practices with this easy to follow guide. Stephen Crounse goes step-bystep through his practice plan showing you how to practice this aggressive, downhill defense that comes at you from every angle with multiple fronts. This plan includes team and individual breakdown periods including stretching, tackling, fronts and stunts, goal line defense, special situations, and more. Crounse includes demonstration and detailed coaching points for position-specific drills required to prepare your players to play the 3-5-3 with reckless abandon. The DVD includes a spreadsheet that lays out Crounse's defesive practice. Download the sheet from the disc and use it create your own defensive practice plan. Installing the 3-5-3 into your program has never been easier! 40 minutes. DVD. 2009.

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