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Shield Punting: Better Protection, Better Coverage, Better Results

Shield Punting: Better Protection, Better Coverage, Better Results

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with Paul Lounsberry,
Southern University Assistant Coach;
35 years as a football coach, including University of South Carolina, University of
Central Florida, Temple University and Simpson College (IA)

The shield punt system is a simple and effective way to minimize your opponents' net punt return yards.

As an assistant coach under Lou Holtz at South Carolina, Paul Lounsberry's punt coverage teams faced fearsome punt returners every week in the SEC. Lounsberry needed a way to neutralize those returners' ability to break open a game with a great return. The shield punt provided exactly what he needed.

The traditional punt formation has only two gunners. Everyone else is tasked with protecting the punter until the kick is off, which means they lose time they could be using to go after the returner. The basic shield punt formation allows for much better coverage by spreading out seven gunners on the line of scrimmage with three defenders protecting the punter.

The shield punt is a simple formation that results in your opponents giving you fewer looks and allows you to minimize practice time spent on punt coverage. Your athletes have limited assignments which translates into quick learning and fewer reps in practice.

Lounsberry includes fakes and an innovative quick kick rugby style punt gives your punter a run/punt option.

In this DVD, Lounsberry discusses the formations, assignments and variations of the shield punt. Detailed diagrams show you exactly how to set up the coverage, and game footage shows you how to execute it.

Learn how to achieve better protection, better coverage and better results with the shield punt! DVD. 57 minutes. 2010.

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