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Drills & Routes for Wide Receivers

Drills & Routes for Wide Receivers

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with DelVaughn Alexander,
University of Wisconsin Wide Receiver Coach

Train your receivers from head to toe! This DVD provides a solid base of techniques and drills for game day success from your receiving corp.

Del Alexander gives you an insider's view of the drills he uses to teach wide receiver play. He includes the stance and start, blocking, body position, releases and route running. These skills will help your receiver create more separation and develop better timing with the quarterback, which will lead to more completions and open up more possibilities for your offense.

It all starts on the line with the receiver's stance. Alexander shows how to train your receiver's to develop good body lean, which will help your athletes get off the ball quicker and prepare them to counter their defender.

Alexander starts the technique breakdown with drills in three areas:

  • Run Blocking Drills - Improve your run game with better blocking from your receivers.
  • Body Position Drills - Get open more often by sharpening your cuts and improving your acceleration to increase separation from the defender.
  • Ball Drills - Overcome blind spots and contact to catch everything that comes your way.

From there Alexander shows two releases to get your receivers off the line versus press coverage and past defensive backs who are playing with a cushion.

Alexander closes with a breakdown of five of his best routes. These routes include:

  • Turn route - a 9-yard timing route;
  • Speed dig - a 10 yard out with and roll inside to 14 yards;
  • Speed corner - a timing route where you push inside and roll outside to the sideline;
  • Seam route - a 12-14 yard go route up the middle away from the free safety;
  • Burst corner - Force inside release, but break to the corner.

Each route covers depth, timing, spacing, landmark cues and reception areas for success. Alexander shows each route vs air, in a 1-on-1 setting and with game footage.

This DVD will give you a solid foundation to develop your younger players or improve your veterans.

46 minutes. 2010.


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Badger Football 9-Pack


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