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Maximizing Protection & Coverage with the Shield Punt

Maximizing Protection & Coverage with the Shield Punt

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with Courtney Messingham,
Iowa State University Assistant Coach;
4th in the nation in Punt Return Yardage Defense at 2.19 yds/return (2009)

Using the shield punt scheme, you can get seven players down field quickly, swarming to the ball and smothering any return before it gets started. Using this system, the Cyclones finished 4th in the nation in 2009 in yards per return (2.19) and 12th in the nation in net punt yards (38.3).

Iowa State Assistant Coach Courtney Messingham uses PowerPoint diagrams, practice footage and game footage to take you through an in-depth breakdown of the shield punting formation.

Use this formation to simplify your protection scheme and technique, put your better athletes on the front line, get your best long snapper on the field regardless of his size, and cut your coverage area down to 1/3 of the field.

Messingham gives you key teaching points and strategies for:

  • Choosing the best players to put at each position
  • Stance, alignment and splits for each position
  • Protection techniques and drills for each position
  • How to identify and number the defensive front to make the appropriate blocking calls on the field
  • Coverage lanes and responsibilities for each position.


In addition, Messingham shows you the three basic coverage schemes to use, complete with primary protection responsibilities. Game footage of each coverage scheme allows you to see how the scheme works.

The shield punting formation works against an 8-, 9- or 10 man front.

This in-depth presentation gives you everything you need to install shield punting into your special teams arsenal.

73 minutes. 2010.

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