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Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Quarterbacks

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Quarterbacks

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2010 Big Ten Co-Champions and Michigan State University Quarterbacks Coach Dave Warner uses practice and game film to teach fundamentals and to show his techniques in action, making it apparent how they transfer from the practice field to real game situations. Through his on-field drills, coaches will learn ways to develop characteristics such as: leadership, toughness, poise, and confidence, which are essential to strong, quarterback play. He also models proper grip and throwing mechanics and uses a series of how-tos to improve decision making skills, both pre-snap and during play. Using an array of distractions that simulate the fast pace of real game action, Warner demonstrates drills that work not just a quarterback's body, but also his mind, making playing under pressure no sweat. Drills focus on: developing footwork, escaping the pocket, handling pocket pressure, developing upper and lower body mechanics. Whether practice or game, pre-snap or in-play, on-field or off, Coach Warner's tips and techniques develop the physical and mental skills vital for quarterbacks of all skill levels to thrive. 64 minutes. 2011. DVD.

Techniques Drills Championship Football Football DVDs
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