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Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Tight Ends

Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Tight Ends

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Michigan State University Offensive Line Coach Mark Staten has packaged nearly a decade of college coaching experience at all levels into an easy-to-follow, well-organized tutorial on developing championship tight ends. Staten breaks down basic concepts like proper stance, position responsibilities and the role of the tight end in the game today. He begins by demonstrating blocking drills that will help your tight end dominate the line of scrimmage while developing his potential to play more aggressively and effectively. Each drill is demonstrated with field-level practice footage and followed by game footage showing the blocks in action. Next, he works on pass blocking. He highlights the key techniques and strategies to effective pass blocking. Staten uses a half line drill to highlight essential blocking techniques and follows it with game film. Finally he discusses hand/eye coordination, route running and protecting the football. Staten shares coaching tips throughout the presentation that both complement and enhance the drills, tactics and techniques included in the DVD. Players and coaches will all benefit from the content and concepts in this DVD given by on the most esteemed offensive coaches associated with the game. 77 minutes. 2011. DVD.

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