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4-2-5 'Gang Green' Multiple Defense: Defensive Line

4-2-5 'Gang Green' Multiple Defense: Defensive Line

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with Rick Stewart,
Porterville (CA) High School Head Football Coach

Rick Stewart uses Power Point, drill walk through, and practice and game footage to teach his stinging 4-2-5 'Gang Green' Multiple Defense that blends the 4-4, 4-2-5 and 3-4 defenses together with simplicity.

Coach Stewart begins by outlining his team's defensive rules, guidelines and philosophies to paint a clear picture for each defensive lineman's role and their importance to the defense. He teaches alignment, including various audible and visual cues you can use to get your players in the right position, while reacting to what is happening in front of them. The alignment and techniques are presented from the defensive end, tackle and nose positions. Stunts such as the slant, crash, pinch and jet are used in addition to others.

See how each individual position in this system is coached in a practice setting using "Every Day Drills." Defensive Ends are taught how to defeat blocks such as the down block, reach block, base block, trap blocks and others. Interior linemen are taught to take on similar blocks, but more emphasis is given to defeating double team blocks and how to play the pulling lineman and schemes. Throughout the video, Stewart emphasizes alignment, gap responsibility and hand placement.

On the field, Stewart uses a step-by-step drill progression to show the fundamental techniques for each position. He also uses game footage to show how all the drills and techniques come together in a game environment.

In addition to the specifics of line play, tackling drills are demonstrated that directly link the techniques used on the line to stop the run.

Defensive line play is extremely important in the game of football. Coach Stewart's teams have set a standard of play that has allowed them to become one of the top teams in the state of California. By stacking your defensive lineman and using these techniques, your defense is sure to make marked improvement for years to come.

60 minutes. 2012. DVD.


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