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4-2-5 'Gang Green' Multiple Defense: Inside Linebackers

4-2-5 'Gang Green' Multiple Defense: Inside Linebackers

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with Rick Stewart,
Porterville (CA) High School Head Football Coach,
Coach Stewart has used this multiple attack defense to turn around three different schools that had poor records including 0-20, 1-19 and a team that won eight games in the 5 years prior to his arrival. Coach Stewart led each team to the playoffs with in his first two seasons at the helm.

Coach Stewart also walks you through the installation sequence in spring, summer, and August. He then shows you his daily practice plans during the season.

In easy to understand terminology, Rick Stewart shows how to develop game-changing inside linebackers in the 'Gang Green' 4-2-5 Multiple Defense, which confuses offenses by combining the 4-4, 3-4, and 4-2-5 with surprising simplicity.

By playing 20 technique linebackers over uncovered guards in all 3 defenses, linebackers are better able to make clean reads and react aggressively. This video will take you through position specific drills and explain how the inside linebackers fit into the overall scheme of this defense.

Through PowerPoint diagrams, practice demonstrations and game footage - with both end zone and sideline angles - you will learn the proper coaching points and practice drills that will allow your inside linebackers to play fast and aggressive.

In the first segment, Coach Stewart discusses the difference between fast and tough run fits. He diagrams his daily window drills with six different run fits that teach linebackers how to effectively read guards and react instinctively to offensive line blocking schemes. The team run fits for fast flow, split flow and counter flow are also discussed to provide a big picture view of inside linebacker in this scheme.

In the second segment, Stewart diagrams and shows tackling drills that specifically reinforce techniques for inside linebackers.

The third segment covers pass drops and blitz schemes utilized in the 4-2-5, 4-4, and 3-4 defenses. In the final segment it is all brought together with game footage from both the sideline and end zone angles to demonstrate how effective this method has been for Coach Stewart.

This video is ideal both for coaches looking to adopt a new defensive scheme and coaches wanting to improve the play of their inside linebackers in any 4-2-5, 3-4 or 4-4 defense.

These drills and techniques will help you develop the complete inside linebacker that plays fast and aggressive.

57 minutes. 2012. DVD.


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