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Air Raid Offense Football Clinic

Air Raid Offense Football Clinic

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featuring Mike Leach, Hal Mumme, Tom Horne and Pat Poore

This four part clinic presentation features four coaches that got their start at Iowa Wesleyan discussing their offense. Learn from their tradition to build for today!

Session 1: The Four Vertical Offense - featuring Mike Leach, Former Texas Tech Head Coach
Implement the same "four vertical" pass concept used by Coach Leach to spearhead his prolific Air Raid offense at Texas Tech. Coach Leach discusses the finer points of quarterback and receiver play in the "four vertical" pass concept to improve your team's completion percentage when running the play. Learn to modify the routes in the four vertical pass concept to attack different coverages by stretching the field and getting the ball to your athletes.

Session 2: Running the Mesh Play - featuring Hal Mumme, McMurry University Head Coach
Learn from one of the most prolific offensive minds in coaching as Hal Mumme teaches what he considers to be his most successful offensive play, "The Mesh." In this section, you will learn the nuances of the mesh play whether run versus man or zone defenses. Coach Mumme also discusses various option routes using the mesh play and provides details on how to drill this concept. Adding the "Mesh" to your playbook is sure to add points on the board.

Session 3: The Four Greatest Pass Routes in America - featuring Tom Horne, Former Valparaiso Head Coach
Coach Horne shares two routes you can use versus a cover 3 including a route out of a bunch formation. He also delivers two routes you can use out of an empty set to defeat a cover 4.

Session 4: Motions, Movements and Drills - featuring Pat Poore, University of Minnesota Wide Receiver Coach; former Iowa Weslyan Head Coach.
Pat Poore passes along 11 drills for your receivers. These drills focus on extending on the catch, ball security, getting vertical as fast as possible, back shoulder catches, "rebound" the football on press coverage, and more. You'll also see his motion tree for receivers that helps create mismatches; his "Money" play in a 2x2 set that crams two plays into one; and a "Cash" play in a 3x1 set.

184 minutes. 2011. DVD.