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From the Whistle to the Snap: The Football Coach's Game Plan for Winning with Focus

From the Whistle to the Snap: The Football Coach's Game Plan for Winning with Focus

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by Dr. Rick McGuire, Director of Sport Psychology for the University of Missouri;
Graduate Professor of Sport Psychology;
former Head Track & Field Coach at the University of Missouri;
founder and former chairman of the USA Track & Field Sport Psychology program
"The understandings and skills that are included in From the Whistle to the Snap are used by our players and coaches at every workout, every practice, every day!" - Gary Pinkel, University of Missouri Tigers Head Football Coach

Wouldn't it be great to have your players totally dialed in, totally focused, play after play, game after game? In this presentation, Dr. Rick McGuire, a 30 year NCAA Division 1 Coach and nationally recognized leader in Applied Sport Psychology, provides a clear and concise "how to" guide that will enable Football Coaches at all levels to teach their players the SKILL of FOCUS!

McGuire will teach you that learning focusing skills is both a process and a practice. He takes you through a progressive 5-step process that will arm you to make focus a weapon in your team's arsenal. McGuire identifies that the most critical time a player and team benefit the most from the skill of focusing is the time from the whistle to the snap. This is the most critical time for your athletes and team to refocus for the next play.

McGuire teaches you how to lead your staff and team to "buy in" and to develop a tough, unified "right here right now" mindset, ready to perform totally focused. Dr. McGuire reinforces his concepts with sound foundations of sport psychology and proven professional methods. You will also learn how to implement this program to make the mental game of football a winning game for your program. Coach Gary Pinkel has implemented this successful program with his Missouri Tigers, and has seen firsthand the power that learning the skill of focus, from the whistle to the snap, brings to a team and staff.

Dr. McGuire is a gifted and passionate teacher! You will learn how implement a routine to teach your players how to get into their "zone" for peak performance on both an individual and team basis. If you want your athletes to show up on game day FOCUSED and ready to deliver their best every day, this powerful presentation is a must have!

153 minutes (2 DVDs). 2012. DVD.