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UCF Technique, Skills and Drills Series

UCF Technique, Skills and Drills Series

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Building the Complete Running Back
with Danny Barrett,
Running Backs Coach University of Florida,
former CFL player and Head Coach Saskatchewan Roughriders were his teams advanced to the playoffs for five-consecutive seasons from 2002-06, reaching the West Division final three times

Offenses win football games on the ground. The glory may come from the passing games, but a good running back is a quarterback's best friend. A great running back will gain positive yards, pass protect the quarterback, block for his fellow running backs and carry out great fakes to assist his team.
• In this instructional football DVD, Danny Barrett uses a lecture and game film to discuss his core philosophy for recognizing and creating a great running back. Watch as he leads you through a variety of drills that will allow you to develop key skills required to be successful in a wide range of offenses.
• Coach Barrett outlines his "Complete Back" concepts through the use of 20 running back drills. These EDD (Every Day Drills) help create instinctual habits with their running backs such as:• How to coach and teach ball security and carry it over into all your drills.
• Quick feet and acceleration out of cuts and through the running lane.
• The ability to lower the shoulders, and be explosive and powerful to gain the extra yards on the field.
• And more!
To be a complete running back, the backs must be able to pass block and be involved in the passing game. With the use of game film and diagrams you will learn drills and fundamentals to work on duel reads and chip blocks within your pass protection schemes.

In addition to all the drills, Barrett shares his characteristics and objectives in being a complete running back. Along with ways to improve your backs mental edge by learning how to help your running backs study film of your opponents.

Running back play is essential in any offense. Whether it's running the ball, being a pass receiver or helping in the pass protection game, using these drills has helped the Coach Barrett develop complete backs in their multiple offense at Central Florida.

50 minutes. 2012. DVD.

Championship Wide Receiver Techniques
with David Kelly,
former Assistant Head Coach and Wide Receiver Coach University of Central Florida

David Kelly brings decades of coaching experience to the wide receiver position. As a head high school football coach he compiled a record of 80-36-1 and won a Georgia High School AAAA State Championship. He has coached at the NCAA Division 1 level for over 10 years at perennial powerhouses such as LSU, Georgia and Georgia Tech. As a coach and educator, Kelly understands successful coaching is based on effective teaching. Throughout this DVD Kelly covers every aspect of the wide receiver position and offers coaches a blueprint for developing young receivers.

Position progression is explained so that coaches understand the need to begin coaching in the classroom. Using an overhead and practice video, Coach Kelly takes you through his progression of fundamentals for playing receiver.

The next step in position progression is moving to the field to demonstrate the drills required to teach the fundamentals. Kelly gives you key teaching points and strategies in the following areas.
• Four key wide receiver elements of stance, release, top of the route and finishing the route
• Develop the receivers blocking skills and how this leads to big plays in the running game
• Understand the importance of the first four steps in the pass route
• Read the triangle in route running
• How to catch low, high and back shoulder passes
• Deal with the distractions of catching a ball in traffic
• Attack the ball in flight, make the catch, explode up field and finish
• Multiple releases (such as a speed, stutter and diamond) versus press coverage and cover 2 corners
Kelly also covers the 16 key fundamentals of stalk blocking, which he identifies as the number one element of the wide receiver position. Coaching points include explaining where coaches should position themselves during stalk blocking drills to ensure the fundamentals are executed properly.

This DVD offers drills and techniques that will help coaches establish efficient and effective wide receiver play.

73 minutes. 2012. DVD.

Pass Protection Techniques, Slide Concepts and Drills
with Brent Key,
University of Central Florida Assistant Coach/Offensive Line;
2010 Conference USA Champions

Install and drill slide pass protections that allow your players to "take it to the game" when it matters most. In addition to the X's and O's, you will learn how to develop proper technique and how to recognize and correct breakdowns in technique.

Brent Key presents a detailed look at slide pass protections and the drills that will help your players master slide schemes and techniques. Coach Key shows you 3- and 4-man slide schemes and a simple "triangle read" that is used in both schemes. Each scheme is discussed, diagrammed, and then shown using practice and game video. The rules for each protection are covered along with the techniques that are required in slide protection.

In addition, Coach Key includes four pass protection evaluation keys. You will learn how to evaluate the technique and performance of each rep in practice and each play in the game. What makes this video so effective is that Coach Key not only shows the successful reps, but he also shows reps with breakdowns in technique and explains how and why the breakdown happened.

You will receive great insight into the development of proper technique through these drill progressions. Key starts with nine practice principles that outline a plan of what he wants to get out of individual drills. Using an overhead and practice and game footage, he provides five daily drills with the philosophy and techniques behind the drill progression. Practice video is used to show 1-on-1 drills and half line drills that allow players to progress to game day situations.

Offensive line play is important to any offensive system, using these drills UCF had 27 rushing touchdowns in 2011 4th most in school history as well as one lineman named to All C-USA second team and another named C-USA all freshman team. Incorporate this into your practice and dominate up front.

51 minutes. 2012. DVD>

Developing Attack-Based Pass Rushers
with Jim Panagos,
Rutgers University Defensive Line Coach;
former University of Central Florida Assistant Coach/Defensive Line; 2010 Conference USA Champions; 2009 national defensive line coach of the Year (FootballScoop.com)

Consistently win the one-on-one match-ups in the trenches and you will win the game. In this video Jim Panagos gives you the repertoire your linemen need to gain the advantage in every one-on-one situation on the line.

Using demonstration, drills and game video, Coach Panagos guides us through the building of an attack based defensive rush that is applicable to every level of defensive player. You will learn basic concepts and techniques that are easy to understand and just as easy to apply. Panagos delivers a detailed explanation of the:
• Bull Rush - Five easy steps to teach the technique, and two instances to use the move when O.L. is taking a soft set
•High Hand Move - Used when O.L. sets with high hands
•Speed Rush - Five easy steps to teach the technique, and two instances to use the move when O.L. is slow or lazy in his set
•Club Move - Used when O.L. oversets
•Quick Deflection - Used on a quick set by O.L.
•Slap & Punch - Used on a quick set with quick hands by the O.L.
Developing these six moves will allow for quick and explosive defensive linemen. Each move is clearly explained and his teaching progression will allow for easy learning and the ability to play fast on the field.

Coach Panagos ends his presentation with a recap of each move and reinforces the proper technique and when to use it.

Youth coaches to the college level will benefit from this systematic approach to developing pass rush techniques in linemen. Aggressive, no nonsense information that will improve your team's pass rush today!

49 minutes. 2012. DVD.

Linebacker Fundamentals, Techniques and Reads
with Al Seamonson,
former University of Central Florida Assistant Coach; 2010 Conference USA Champions;

One of the more versatile coaches in college football today, Al Seamonson brings tremendous experience to the linebacker position. He has coached at the NCAA Division 1 level for over 25 years. Seamonson has prepared a number of defensive players for the NFL over the years, including All-Pro Shawne Merriman. As a former Division I player, he understands the skill and technique needed to be successful at the linebacker position.

Coach Seamonson creates a complete outline for playing linebacker in the 4-3 defense. He covers everything from preparation, drills, reads, recognition to actually playing the game. Through the use of illustrations and game video, he covers formation keys and coverage's for the Sam, Mike and Will linebackers.

Beginning with the mental side of linebacker play, you will learn his "musts for success." He covers topics such as effort, communication and mental toughness. These points, among others, are important because they are the basis for developing quality football players.

Moving to the techniques, Coach Seamonson reveals six keys to pre-snap success for the linebacker followed by progressive teaching at the position. Items include knowing the calls for the defense as well as understanding all of the positions on the field. Alignment, assignments and proper physical technique are discussed along with execution, pursuit defeating blocks and tackling among others.

Zone pass coverage responsibilities to include proper drop angles are explained. Keys for level one and level two linebackers are explained to include proper alignments of 10, 20, 30, and 40 linebackers. Receiver assignments for multiple formations are described so that coaches have an easy plan for teaching coverage responsibilities.

Coach Seamonson covers angle tackling and the drills that are needed daily to ensure effective linebacker open field tackling. Fundamentals of tackling are taught so that coaches understand how proper technique is critical to player safety. Coach Seamonson explains how the eyes are the key to good tackling and where your linebackers should fix their eyes to prevent missed tackles. He covers the shimmy tackle and how it is used in open field tackling. Coaching points for goal line tackling are included.

Video footage on stopping the run is shared from multiple games. Seamonson follows the run footage up with general points on pass concepts, zone progressions and game film on the passing game. Blitz pass rush technique is highlighted and several key points to blitzing are shared along with blitz video footage.

Coach Seamonson provides an effective guide for coaches to develop the tools of the trade for the linebacker position to use when teaching linebacker play in the 4-3 defense that will make your backers a cut above.

121 minutes. 2012. DVD.

Position Techniques and Drills for Defensive Back Play
with Sean Beckton,
University of Central Florida Wide Receivers Coach (former UCF Defensive Backs Coach),
2010 Conference USA Champions; member of UCF Hall of Fame

Wide open spread offenses have made defensive back play critical in modern defenses. Today's DBs must be great tacklers, receivers, and cover men. They must be quick, fast and smart to read all of the offensive formations thrown at them.

As a former player in the NFL and member of the UCF Hall of Fame, Sean Beckton brings a wealth of experience to the defensive back position. Having won two high school state championships as a coach, Beckton understands the importance of teaching fundamentals and proper execution. In this football DVD, Coach Beckton uses Power Point and practice footage to explain his DB philosophy and position techniques and covers 20 defensive back drills to help you develop your DBs.

Beckton walks you through the process of creating a defensive back from start to finish. The basics of proper stance and alignment are covered including foot placement, back pedal, plant-and-drive and proper leverage for multiple break points. These basics can be used for any coverage. The technique used for press coverage is backed up with practice footage. Press coverage drills are provided to help players transfer proper technique to the playing field.

Coach Beckton's six part instruction zeroes in on the basics of great tackling. The target, upper cut, rolling the hips, grabbing cloth, hat across, chin on the ball and running the feet are covered. His DB tackling drills emphasize eyes on target since most tackles be in the open field. Beckton provides a detailed explanation of each step to include practice footage and diagrams to help you understand how to execute form, angle and open field tackling.

Fourteen movement drills are provided to help coaches drill the different angles and movements needed to execute effective pass coverage. Ball drills are included to help players intuitively react and intercept the football. Coaching points are provided such as explaining the need of teaching defensive backs how to catch the football properly. Group drills are covered for coaches working with a large number of players.

For coaches who like to blitz, Beckton provides techniques and drills for helping your defensive backs blitz more effectively. Multiple techniques are used to help defensive backs blitz from the corner or from a safety position. Diagrams of blitz drills are provided to help coaches teach their players how to blitz.

This DVD offers drills and techniques that will help coaches improve their defensive back play and control modern day passing games.

61 minutes. 2012. DVD.

Stopping the Spread Offense with the 4-2-5 / 4-3 Defense
with John Skladany,
former University of Central Florida Defensive Coordinator; 2010 Conference USA Champions;
Skladany's defense finished 2011 ranked in the top 25 nationally in points allowed (#10) and yards allowed per game (#11)Give your defense the ability to be fluid and counter any misdirection the spread offense presents.

John Skladany uses a "Chalk Talk" format to discuss, define and describe the basics of stopping the zone play and its companion plays: the zone read, quarterback counter, outside zone, bubble screen and boot plays.

Coach Skladany spends a majority of his time focused on 11 personnel. (1 Running Back, 1 Tight End) He takes you through each player's alignment and assignment in both the 2 x 2 and 3 x 1 sets. Skladany not only gives a basic blueprint for how his defense attacks this style of offense, but he also gives several adjustments or "change-ups" for each level of the defense in case the offense is catching on to your game plan.

Throughout the video Skladany refers to the alignment of the running back and wide receivers with relation to what the offense might be running because of their alignment. This is important because the defense is then alerted to potential plays from that formation. Skladany also gives several variations of what the secondary may do based on their run or pass keys. Cover 6 and Cover 8 variations are used as well as Fox and Star support. He continually warns of the potential "crack" block and what that means for secondary players when it occurs.

You'll also see the key to defending the one play that is the staple in the Spread Offense - the Bubble Screen. If you cannot defend the Bubble Screen, the Spread Offense will exploit this weakness and dominate the game with explosive plays. Skladany shows you how to recognize when the possibility of the Bubble Screen exists based on how wide receivers align themselves in their sets.

Coach Skladany spends the later portion of the video discussing how his team adjusts to 10 personnel (1 running back and 0 tight ends or the 4 wide receiver set). He also addresses the running back slide/ shift from one side of the QB to the other and how UCF reacts to it.

This DVD presents a clear and concise blueprint in which to defend the spread offense. Coach Skladany offers great coaching points and "buzz" words to make the points stand out. He not only gives a coach one way to defense this offense, but he offers multiple ideas on how to adjust and read what is coming to minimize the effectiveness of these dangerous formations.

64 minutes. 2012. DVD.

The Complete Guide to Special Teams
With Tim Salem,
former University of Central Florida Special Teams Coordinator;
UCF special teams ranked No. 2 in the nation in 2010.

Tim Salem has 26 years of coaching experience at the collegiate level. Under Salem's guidance, the UCF special teams ranked No. 2 in the nation in 2010.

In this instructional DVD, Coach Salem uses overhead diagrams, practice footage and game footage to take you through an in-depth breakdown of the coverages and return phases of special teams play. Salem gives you key teaching points and strategies to:
• Understand the 3 phases of a kick cover team; the run and read phase, attack phase and the contact phase
• Coach coverage teams that attack the ball with great effort, toughness, courage, as well as a strong desire to make every play
• Teach return teams with simple rules that allow your players to have confidence for big returns
• Set up dynamic drills that will develop championship special teams play
Coaching points, objectives, goals and "must" lists are explained in detail for each position in a chalk talk. Coach Salem also shares his innovative drill package for kickoff coverage, punt coverage, as well as the kick and punt return teams. Learn the 8 "Coach Killers" of the kickoff team and how to teach the flying 40 to get your coverage to the ball quickly.

As a bonus, Coach Salem covers his weekly practice schedule explaining when each phase of kicking game is implemented.

This video is an in-depth overview of the kickoff team, punt cover team as well as the kick and punt return teams and will benefit coaches from middle school to the college level.

78 minutes. 2012. DVD.

UCF Technique, Skills and Drills Series Football DVD
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Running Back Football DVD
with Danny Barrett, UCF Running Backs Coach
Wide Receiver Football DVD
with David Kelly, former UCF Wide Receiver Coach
Pass Protection Techniques, Slide Concepts and Drills Football DVD
with Brent Key, UCF Assistant Coach
Developing Attack-Based Pass Rushers Football DVD
with Jim Panagos, Rutgers U Defensive Line Coach
Linebacker Fundamentals, Techniques and Reads Football DVD
Join one of the more versatile coaches in college football!
Position Techniques and Drills for Defensive Back Play Football DVD
with Sean Beckton, UCF Wide Receivers Coach
Stopping the Spread Offense with the 4-2-5 / 4-3 Defense Football DVD
with John Skladany, former UCF Defensive Coordinator
The Complete Guide to Special Teams Football DVD
wth Tim Salem, former UCF Florida Special Teams Coordinator