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Developing Attack-Based Pass Rushers

Developing Attack-Based Pass Rushers

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with Jim Panagos,
Rutgers University Defensive Line Coach;
former University of Central Florida Assistant Coach/Defensive Line; 2010 Conference USA Champions; 2009 national defensive line coach of the Year (FootballScoop.com)

Consistently win the one-on-one match-ups in the trenches and you will win the game. In this video Jim Panagos gives you the repertoire your linemen need to gain the advantage in every one-on-one situation on the line.

Using demonstration, drills and game video, Coach Panagos guides us through the building of an attack based defensive rush that is applicable to every level of defensive player. You will learn basic concepts and techniques that are easy to understand and just as easy to apply. Panagos delivers a detailed explanation of the:
• Bull Rush - Five easy steps to teach the technique, and two instances to use the move when O.L. is taking a soft set
•High Hand Move - Used when O.L. sets with high hands
•Speed Rush - Five easy steps to teach the technique, and two instances to use the move when O.L. is slow or lazy in his set
•Club Move - Used when O.L. oversets
•Quick Deflection - Used on a quick set by O.L.
•Slap & Punch - Used on a quick set with quick hands by the O.L.
Developing these six moves will allow for quick and explosive defensive linemen. Each move is clearly explained and his teaching progression will allow for easy learning and the ability to play fast on the field.

Coach Panagos ends his presentation with a recap of each move and reinforces the proper technique and when to use it.

Youth coaches to the college level will benefit from this systematic approach to developing pass rush techniques in linemen. Aggressive, no nonsense information that will improve your team's pass rush today!

49 minutes. 2012. DVD.


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