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Gayle Hatch: Superior Core Training for Football

Gayle Hatch: Superior Core Training for Football

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with Gayle Hatch,
member in both the USA Weightlifting and USA Strength and Conditioning Coaches Halls of Fame; Head Coach of the men's 2004 USA Olympic Weightlifting Team in Athens, Greece.

A pioneer of Olympic style strength training, Gayle Hatch's Olympic based strength and conditioning program has helped countless strength coaches on the professional, collegiate and high school levels reach a better understanding of explosive strength training for all athletes. His philosophies were utilized in recent years by strength coaches at LSU, Alabama, Miami, Tennessee and USC to win six BCS Football National Championships.

Core training is a must in any athlete. Ground based Olympic lifts are important in structuring your core program; Coach Hatch shares his lifts and knowledge of over 35 years of coaching the core. You get 30 dynamic drills and exercises that will make any athlete stronger in the core as well as stronger on the field and court.

With a help of his Olympic lifters Coach Hatch gives you his entire core strengthening program in this DVD. He'll show you how to:
Implement a comprehensive core training program
Integrate both weight training and stability ball training for total core strength
Use medicine ball exercises for dynamic results
Train the core with ground based Olympic lifts
>As a coach you understand the importance of core strength. Let Coach Hatch show you the exercises that will help take your program to the top. Get amazing results and help your athletes to the top of that competitive mountain. This DVD is a must for any athlete or coach and will help take you and your team to the ultimate level.

54 minutes. 2012. DVD.


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