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Clamp Down Coverage for the 4-2-5 Defense

Clamp Down Coverage for the 4-2-5 Defense

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with Drew Sanders,
Vandegrift (TX) High School Head Coach

Developing a sound pass defense is a top priority for every coach. With all of the formation and motion changes in today's high school football, coaches need a system that enables the defense to adjust easily.

In this third installment of a 3-part series, Coach Sanders presents a fundamentally sound video about defending the pass with the 4-2-5 defense. He gives you his base coverage, which he calls "Clamp," and teaches you how to build the shutdown secondary you have always wanted.

First Sanders shares his pass philosophy that includes a very helpful concept to categorize formations, as well as pass routes. Categorizing allows the secondary to:
Play fast and swarm to the ball
Understand their responsibility with the use of simple rules
Visualize the four possible route concepts and shut them down with confidence
Coach Sanders divides the field in half and teaches the free safety to identify the "free-side and off-side." He then covers how to identify and align to six basic sets most coaches are likely to see.

Sanders' video will also teach you how to categorize four basic pass routes such as In routes, In and Outs, Leverage routes, and Deceptive routes. These categories help your athletes determine how to identify and react properly with two coaching points tied to each one.

Sanders' system will allow your athlete to know when to play with over the top leverage, inside leverage, communicate, and when to make the quarterback hesitate.

Your players will play with extreme confidence being able to adjust to any offensive set they see.

Practice video of the half-line and T-step drills develop the player skills needed for success in the clamp coverage. Coach Sanders then shows you game footage while he discusses the key coaching points for each position.

The clamp coverage is adaptable to any defense you might run. Through reinforcing stance, alignment, keys, and responsibilities, Coach Sanders' defensive secondary package will allow you to simplify your athletes' thought process, and allow them to play with a more physical mentality - taking your defense one step closer to shutting down the passing game.

Here's your chance to see new drills and concepts to stifle your opponent's passing game using the 4-2-5 defense. You will learn the why and the how for installing Sanders' 4-2-5 defensive philosophy that has led this brand new program from infancy to dominance in the AAAA ranks of Texas high school football."

56 minutes. 2012. DVD.


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