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Winning with the Wing-T: Practice Organization and Conditioning

Winning with the Wing-T: Practice Organization and Conditioning

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with Paul Ingram,
former Gloucester (MA) High School Head Football Coach;
three Eastern Massachusetts Super Bowl titles and four Northeastern Conference titles; A combined record of 50-2 in his last four seasons at Gloucester

Organized practices and schedules and a conditioning program built for quickness will allow your team to run the Wing-T like a machine.

Paul Ingram has a tremendous history coaching the Wing-T Offense. His 2007-2010 teams combined for a stellar 50-2 record. In this video he offers proven concepts and components for succeeding with the Wing-T.

Practice Planning
To run the Wing-T offense like a machine, practice routines should match blocking and technique assignments in games. Coach Ingram shares a highly organized practice schedule that will get coaches and players to perform at their best.
Learn how to create blocking circuits for every type of play and player. These circuits allow players to master technique through fast-paced, low intensity drills.
Discover an effective way to teach your quarterback correct reads while saving precious practice time.
Ingram reveals his pre-season, double session schedule so you have an example to work from when creating your own schedule, which in turn allows you to transition to in-season play efficiently.

Don't assume your players know how to transition in and out of each phase of a game. Use Coach Ingram's dress rehearsals to ensure your players are prepared for sudden change. You will learn how to break down "Game Day" and all the things that occur before kickoff.

The Wing-T requires athletes that can move quickly - not body builders. In this segment, Ingram delivers a functional training plan that will build speed, agility and quickness into your team - without an expensive weight room.

Coach Ingram applies overload principles efficiently and effectively in his workouts. He has developed championship football teams using facilities available to most middle and high schools.

While strength is a key component to his plan, it is not the only focus. He shows you how his teams improve explosiveness and power. His instruction offers a simple yet effective workout for developing each player's athleticism. Coach Ingram explains why helping players move better with improved balance and endurance will allow them to compete with defenses that have become bigger and faster.

See how to incorporate added resistance to speed training with speed sleds, tire pulls and heavy ropes to build quicker and more explosive runners. This allows them to to move in space easier to neutralize fleet footed, perimeter, attacking athletes. See how you can challenge your athletes physically and mentally when you get them out of the weight room for non-traditional training exercises for balance, flexibility, and explosiveness.

In addition, Coach Ingram shows you an in-season and off-season running program to develop speed and quickness all year long. Video of each workout is provided to help coaches see how the workouts are administered.

Don't let the absence of perfect workout facilities prevent you from developing your athletes. Use Coach Ingram's conditioning program to enhance and magnify your players' explosive movements that will leave your opponents wrapping up air.

71 minutes. 2013. DVD.


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