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Attacking Defenses with the Spread & Shred Offense

Attacking Defenses with the Spread & Shred Offense

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with Jeff Steinberg, Santiago (CA) HS Head Coach

Not all spread teams are the same. Some spread to run and some spread to pass. Jeff Steinberg offers an inside look at a fast-tempo spread attack that can shred defenses with multiple offensive looks.

The Shark Spread and Shed system forces the defense to prepare for a multitude of different offensive sets.

This multi-formation offense, which uses shifts and motion, is highly calibrated and precision-timed. Each play is fluid and every moving part is calculated to obtain as much positive yardage as schematically possible.

Coach Steinberg shows you how to use a great running quarterback in the spread and shred offense, as easily as a great passer. With multiple offensive looks - such as 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, 4 x1 - you'll force the defense to defend the entire field.

Using a 3D playbook Coach Steinberg goes through a breakdown of every play in three areas:

The Shotgun Run Game - Why the shotgun run game? Simplicity, the QB is an instant run threat, and the option forces the defense to play assignment football. Coach Steinberg talks about two families of the run game; a Zone Family read and a Gap Family scheme. You will learn how to scheme using zone blocking principals and learn which explosive plays are successful when you zone block. You will understand Gap blocking principals and which explosive plays work with the Gap scheme.

Pass Game - Running well-timed pass patterns will stress a defense to failure. Coach Steinberg talks about his complete pass game showing you the "Quicks" passing game; four verticals with switch and smash concepts; intermediate routes using spacing and levels, backside concepts that use seam read, quicks and two man levels. The multiple formations using switch and smash concepts will cause defensive breakdowns in communication. The defense will implode and your offense will explode.

Naked and Bootleg Passing Game - The naked and boot run actions provide answers to the various defensive looks that your opponents might use. Coach Steinberg shows you how to implement these actions off zone, veer and ISO run plays to set up a defense for back-breaking plays. In addition, these schemes will allow you to move the pocket so the defense cannot pin their ears back and rush your quarterback.

The Screen Game - The screen game will release an army of players to the point of attack. Coach Steinberg uses multiple screens and teaches how they fit within his style of spread offense. You will learn to implement Dream Screens such as the Jailbreak, Slip Screens, and Perimeter Screens.

Steinberg reinforces the 3-D diagrams with game footage to further illustrate his concepts.

Steinberg's offense is a simple, no-huddle, fast-tempo offense that forces the defense to play at a speed that is hard to simulate in practice. Now you can run this proven offense or take the parts that you like and incorporate them into your game plan!

122 minutes. 2013. DVD.

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