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High Tempo No-Huddle Offense 4-Pack

High Tempo No-Huddle Offense 4-Pack

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High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Installation and Practice

with Scott Strohmeier, Iowa Western Head Coach;
Won the 2012 NJCAA National Championship after only four years as a program; 2012 ACCFCA Coach of the Year, 2012 IWCC led the nation in points per game (62.8) and in total offense with 598 yards per game

Catch your opponents off guard this season and force them to keep up with your tempo. 2012 NJCAA National Championship coach Scott Strohmeier provides tips on philosophy, installation, practice schedules and drills for his high powered High Tempo No-Huddle Offense. The Reivers led the nation in total offense in 2012 with a whopping 598 yards per game.

High Tempo No-Huddle - Learn the philosophy behind the High Tempo No-Huddle Offense and the advantages it provides your offense and your team.

The more snaps you have in a game, the more chances you have to score.
Wear down bigger teams.
Control the pace of the game and put the defense in unpredictable situations.
Don't allow the defense to substitute.

He discusses coaching techniques and multiple tempos that can be used to control the defense and game clock. Strohmeier covers signals, calls and other ways to communicate with their players.

Practice Planning - Develop a practice plan that goes high tempo from day one and delivers more reps per player. Strohmeier talks through general practice considerations when running the High Tempo No-Huddle Offense, as well as going through his recommendations for spring ball, fall camp installation and in-season practice.

In-season practices are covered from Monday to Saturday including what to focus on each day. He also explains several drills that will help prepare your players to execute this offensive scheme.

Strohmeier brings it all together using practice video to display their tempo and no-huddle scheme.

In 2012, the Reivers averaged nearly 20 more points and 50 more yards of total offense per game than the next closest offense using this scheme. Now you can you integrate this proven system into your program. DVD.  56 minutes. 2013.

High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Running Back Skills and Drills

with Karson Pike, Iowa Western Community College Assistant Coach/Running Backs;
Won the 2012 NJCAA National Championship after only four years as a program; 2012 ACCFCA Coach of the Year, 2012 IWCC led the nation in points per game (62.8) and in total offense with 598 yards per game

Karson Pike explains how he teaches the running backs at Iowa Western Community College in a simple, systematic way that allows his athletes to play fast and physical. These fundamental teaching techniques are shown at practice and in game film.

Coach Pike talks through his running back philosophy and how it fits in specifically with the up tempo no-huddle offense that IWCC has been so successful with. Coach goes through one of his base running back drills that he uses every day. This drill emphasizes the four most common cuts used in the offense and specifically on the inside zone play.

Coach Pike explains the teaching points for the running back's alignments, steps, and how to effectively read defenders from the running back position. The running back and quarterback must have good timing and footwork for a successful hand-off mesh and then the running back must attack the proper gap based on his reads of the lineman blocks. These drills will help develop the proper vertical and jump cuts, as well as skills for cutbacks and stutter steps. He also shows practice drills to emphasize these points and game film that shows running backs using these skills in competition.

A straight-forward and easy to understand scheme has allowed Coach Pike at IWCC to develop skills that his athletes can use in game situations. These skills, drills, and fundamentals show how to develop your running backs in practice so that they can perform in the game.

This video will improve your team's running backs, especially if you run inside zone in an up tempo offense. Little things set you up for big plays. DVD. 37 minutes. 2013.

High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Wide Receiver Drills and Pass Game Tags

with Mike Strohmeier, Iowa Western Assistant Coach/Offensive Coordinator; 2012 NJCAA National Champions; 2x Midwest Football Conference Champions

Instill "Big Play Attitude" in your wide receivers, even when they're not catching the ball - which is at least 90% of the time.

Mike Strohmeier, Offensive Coordinator and Wide Receivers coach at Iowa Western Community College, has been instrumental in IWCC's national championship program. In this detailed instructional DVD, he explains wide receiver fundamentals and takes you through an in-depth analysis of the pass concepts that they marry to their inside zone run package in the High Tempo No-Huddle Offense.

Coach Strohmeier shares a short, but clear, set of expectations for his wide receivers that sets the bar high and establishes toughness and a commitment to the team.

From there he discusses several wide receiver and offensive skill group drills that can be utilized daily. At Iowa Western, the coaches broke down the skills they need a receiver to have in their offense and came up with route running, blocking, and run/pass game drills help build muscle memory for these base offensive plays. Coach Strohmeier will show you how to install scheme-specific drills for the stalk block, bubble, and QB mesh zone read. The drills force the WR to be a great blocker and fundamentally sound receiver in the quick game.

Coach Strohmeier goes through a variety of pass game tags that gives the quarterback the option to call the best play to take advantage of weak points and adjustments in a defense. The Bubble, Hitch, Gift, Stick, and Slow Screen concepts are all explained individually and how they mesh with the inside zone running game. These provide an extension of the run game and forces the defense to defend the width of the field.

High percentage throws and gets playmakers in space.

These drills and pass game tags can sync seamlessly with any spread offense looking for ways to provide options on every play. This video does a great job of showing how a highly successful team implements drills that are useful to their scheme. They aren't just doing drills to do drills. Then it goes into how the skills taught are used to execute their offense. DVD. 42 minutes. 2013.

High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Attacking Defenses with Inside Zone Schemes

with Donnie Woods, Iowa Western Assistant Coach/Offensive Line and Run Game Coordinator; 2012 NJCAA National Champions; 2x Midwest Football Conference Champions

Iowa Western Community College Offensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator Donnie Woods details the inner workings of one of the hottest offensive running plays in football today, the Inside Zone. This play has been the cornerstone of the Iowa Western offensive attack that has ranked on top or near the top of every offensive category for the past years (2011-12).

Coach Woods, whose OL unit was instrumental in Iowa Western Community College's 2012 NJCAA National Championship season, covers the different calls the offensive line makes on the inside zone play depending on the front and movement of the defense. He goes into a detailed explanation of the specific blocking rules and adjustments against the 4-3, the 4-4, the 3-4, and the 3-3 Stack defensive fronts. The defensive front will change week to week and keeping rules and calls simple makes adjustments easy in the zone blocking scheme.

Supplemented with film clips, Coach Woods' instruction also focuses on the schematic adjustments that can be utilized to handle situations that may cause complications for the offensive lineman. Woods explains two backside adjustments that allows the offense to continue to run the Inside Zone when having to adjust to dominating defensive lineman and linebackers. The Pin and Loop and the Stick concept are explained. These schemes prevents gap run through by linebackers into the A gap and a stunting lineman.

Coaches will appreciate the simple answers this scheme offers to some of the more complex defenses they face. This video will give an offensive line coach and offensive coordinator everything they would need to install Inside Zone as a cornerstone of any offense. DVD. 42 minutes. 2013.

High Tempo No-Huddle Offense 4-Pack Football Coaching DVDs
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High Tempo No-Huddle Offense Installation
with Scott Strohmeier, Iowa Western Head Coach
High Tempo No-Huddle Offense Running Back
Karson Pike explains how he teaches running backs!
High Tempo No-Huddle Offense wide receiver
An in-depth analysis of the pass concepts for this offense!
High Tempo No-Huddle Offense
A detailed explanation of the blocking rules and adjustments!