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High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Wide Receiver Drills and Pass Game Tags

High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Wide Receiver Drills and Pass Game Tags

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with Mike Strohmeier, Iowa Western Assistant Coach/Offensive Coordinator; 2012 NJCAA National Champions; 2x Midwest Football Conference Champions

Instill "Big Play Attitude" in your wide receivers, even when they're not catching the ball - which is at least 90% of the time.

Mike Strohmeier, Offensive Coordinator and Wide Receivers coach at Iowa Western Community College, has been instrumental in IWCC's national championship program. In this detailed instructional DVD, he explains wide receiver fundamentals and takes you through an in-depth analysis of the pass concepts that they marry to their inside zone run package in the High Tempo No-Huddle Offense.

Coach Strohmeier shares a short, but clear, set of expectations for his wide receivers that sets the bar high and establishes toughness and a commitment to the team.

From there he discusses several wide receiver and offensive skill group drills that can be utilized daily. At Iowa Western, the coaches broke down the skills they need a receiver to have in their offense and came up with route running, blocking, and run/pass game drills help build muscle memory for these base offensive plays. Coach Strohmeier will show you how to install scheme-specific drills for the stalk block, bubble, and QB mesh zone read. The drills force the WR to be a great blocker and fundamentally sound receiver in the quick game.

Coach Strohmeier goes through a variety of pass game tags that gives the quarterback the option to call the best play to take advantage of weak points and adjustments in a defense. The Bubble, Hitch, Gift, Stick, and Slow Screen concepts are all explained individually and how they mesh with the inside zone running game. These provide an extension of the run game and forces the defense to defend the width of the field.

High percentage throws and gets playmakers in space.

These drills and pass game tags can sync seamlessly with any spread offense looking for ways to provide options on every play. This video does a great job of showing how a highly successful team implements drills that are useful to their scheme. They aren't just doing drills to do drills. Then it goes into how the skills taught are used to execute their offense. DVD. 42 minutes. 2013.

This DVD is part of the set: High Tempo No-Huddle Offense 4-Pack

Product Summary: Setting expectations for your wide receivers is the first step to implementing the High Tempo No Huddle Offense. Next, drills will reinforce routes, blocking schemes and muscle memory. Also, adjustments and pass game tags are covered.  

Editorial Review: This football dvd includes coaching techniques, drills and practice planning techniques for receivers in the High Tempo No Huddle Offense. Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5.

High Tempo No-Huddle Offense 4-Pack Football Coaching DVDs
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