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The Pistol Spread Silencer Offense

The Pistol Spread Silencer Offense

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with Anthony Pratley, former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator

The Pistol offense is starting to become widely utilized by football teams at all different levels. Through his success and being the founder of the pistol spread option, Anthony Pratley gives you an insider's look at the pistol silencer offense.

The silencer is a formation that keeps the same rules as his basic pistol offense involves a three receiver set with the quarterback in the pistol with two running backs in the eye next to him in which you run iso and toss, and the traditional pistol with zone read, power, and triple option.

You will be able to get great mileage from one basic zone blocking scheme by installing several inside zone variations from the Silencer formation. It will make your offense multi-dimensional and difficult to prepare for. These variations are very simple to install and easy to understand for your own players: Zone Read, FB Zone Read, Zone Whack, Zone Freeze, Zone Backer QB Iso, Zone Toss, Zone Veer, FB Zone Veer, Zone Backer Iso

In addition, you'll get three variations of the traditional Power play from the silencer formation.

Coach Pratley does a great job of explaining rules. He stresses the importance of making the offense simple to learn, and how he teaches the same system to youth league football players. He simplifies the blocking scheme into covered and uncovered lineman blocking rules. He goes into depth in teaching blocking rules for zone, power or pass. He has labeled their plays in such a way, which gives the offensive line easy principles to be successful.

This video will be a great twist to the pistol offense. It can be married with the pistol, or stand on it's own and it's own offense. 76 minutes. 2013.

Product Summary: The silencer formation in the Pistol Offense provides a variation that will confound defenses. Includes three variations that are easy to install. 

Editorial Review: This dvd presents The Pistol Spread Silencer Offense in a way that is simple to implement for the coaches and easy to understand for the players. Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5.