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The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Defensive Line

The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Defensive Line

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with Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley (CA) High School Head Coach; 2012 Division II North Coast CIF Champions; 11 straight years in the playoffs, 3x CIF Champions, 5x CIF Championship appearances, Winningest large high school program in central California this decade

Tim Murphy delivers a unique version of the 4-4 Defense he calls the "Swarm."

In this DVD he gives an in depth look at the most important aspect of his defense, the slanting play of the defensive line. He teaches the defensive line to create a "moving wall" versus running plays. The Swarm develops as the ball is channeled into a five yard alley between the line and the outside linebacker, who is responsible for contain. Inside linebackers and the free safety fill the alley to stuff any opponent's running game.

Coach Murphy begins by going through all of the responsibilities and reads for his defensive line. He details his stance and alignments for both defensive ends and defensive tackles in order for his players to be successful. The nose will play the weak side A gap while the tackle will shade the guard and defend the B gap strong. The defensive ends align on the last man of the line of scrimmage and control the inside gap which makes the ball bounce to the outside and into the alley.

Coach Murphy moves into the film room with practice footage, and shows drills to help defend various blocks for the interior linemen and defensive ends: How to defeat down, reach, base and pass blocks are all shown as well as the inside and outside pull of the guard. He finishes with game footage to show all of the drills and their application on the field.

If you want to create a solid front line that uses simple techniques to stop the opponent from running the ball, this video is a must. Bring the "moving wall" to your defensive line this season to punish your opponent in the 4-4 Swarm Defense. 43 minutes. 2014.

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The 4-4 Swarm Defense
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