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The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Inside Linebackers

The 4-4 Swarm Defense: Inside Linebackers

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with Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley (CA) High School Head Coach; 2012 Division II North Coast CIF Champions; 11 straight years in the playoffs, 3x CIF Champions, 5x CIF Championship appearances, Winningest large high school program in central California this decade

Tim Murphy puts his most aggressive players at the linebacker position. In the 4-4 Swarm Defense, the linebackers are taught to be fill players, they are 5 yards deep and play at 45 degree angles with the chest over the knees all the way through the play. With simple keys the linebackers will play fast and create big hits and turnovers making the 4-4 Swarm defense stand out from all the rest.

Coach Murphy discusses the responsibilities of his linebackers in the 4-4 Swarm in a powerpoint presentation. In the 4-4 Swarm you will see:

  • How the backer can react in an instant and become a fill player either in the alley or mid-line
  • Lightning quick pass drops and understand the "Rally Zone" concept and when to use a "Jump" call to shut down the quick passing game
  • The all-important "Fill, Scrape, Fill" technique used on inside runs
  • The difference between "Fast-Ball" and "Bounce and Flow" keys
  • Coach Murphy talks about all the technical body positions you must have within your stance to be successful. He describes the defensive drops for his linebackers in his defense and goes through the various reads and flows needed to be executed by the inside linebacker to create the relentless swarm gang tackling approach, emphasizing the importance of filling to the alley at the proper angles.

The simplicity in the defense is also shown in the linebacker responsibility on a pass play. The defensive zones are labeled A, B, and C and basic landmarks send the backers to a spot on the field where he will defend a 5 yard box on the field. The "Green Light" technique uses the linebacker as a contain player when the quarterback breaks from the pocket.

Using practice footage, Coach Murphy breaks down drills for his read and react series, which teaches the linebacker how to get to the ball almost instantly. He continues with his drill series for pass drops in order to take away underneath routes, which can be open within the scheme. You'll also see his fill scrape and fill drill, which helps reinforce the swarming gang tackle style of defense his 4-4 scheme produces. You'll see how every drill and technique is applied effectively in a game situation.

The concepts Coach Murphy uses in his linebackers in the 4-4 Swarm Defense will help any coach with any defensive scheme become better. 42 minutes. 2014.

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The 4-4 Swarm Defense
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