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Base Fronts and Stunts for 4-3 Defense

Base Fronts and Stunts for 4-3 Defense

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with Pat Narduzzi, Michigan State University Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator; Michigan State Ranked #1 in the Big Ten and #8 nationally in 2012 for Rush Defense

Pat Narduzzi has produced some of the nation's top defenses and has wreaked havoc on the Big Ten the past two seasons. In this excellent DVD, Coach Narduzzi takes you through the Spartan 4-3 Defense and stunts that have made his team and players some of the most successful in the country.

Coach begins by explaining his base alignments and techniques that are used within his 4-3 defense at MSU. Using game footage, coach will go through the assignments of his defenders vs. various offensive formations and the adjustments made in order to keep a balance and effective defense. You'll also see game footage of the Spartan Over G front, base rules, and adjustments.

Coaches will find the simplicity and effectiveness of his approach valuable. He uses stunts from both the call side and rush end to reduce the strength of offenses that like to run off tackle, to their tight end, inside or outside zone.

Pat Narduzzi provides you with an all access look into one of the most successful defenses year in and year out. Implement the Spartan 4-3 and the line movements and adjustments that separate it from the rest. 83 minutes. 2014.