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David Dean: Building a Championship Program

David Dean: Building a Championship Program

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When it comes to team sports, no athletic endeavor requires more coaching and teaching than football. For those who coach and play this game, the instruction continues seemingly forever. There is so much that players need to know -- and remember -- in order to perform successfully on the field. Thatís why, at the professional and collegiate levels, some programs seem to be wildly successful while others fail. Itís the coaching that makes the difference! That said, when you, as a college coach, get a chance to learn from another college coach who runs a powerhouse and consistently winning program, it seems like a good idea to listen to his words. He might actually be able to help you.

In the case of this football program development DVD, it is a virtual guarantee that coach David Dean of Valdosta State University can definitely help you. His record of achievement is all the proof you need. Valdosta State has been a Division II National Champion twice in just the past few years. And Coach Dean deserves the lionís share of the credit for his teamís achievements. Simply stated, he runs a championship program. And now, in this fast-moving and highly instructive DVD, he imparts his football wisdom, a winning strategy that when employed can help turn your college football program into a big time winner.

When you watch this DVD, youíll learn, in quick order, how to improve your defense, your offense, your special teams and your coaching philosophy. YES ... all of that in one DVD.

When the coach discusses offense, heíll teach you how to add balance, physicality and patience to your teamís on-field efforts -- all winning ingredients. Defensively, youíll discover that speed and swarming really matter. Special teams require athletic and highly motivated players to succeed.

Add it all up ... this coach knows how to win and, more importantly, knows how to teach you to turn your team into a consistently winning program!

Here is the best part: you can get all of this truly valuable information and insight for a remarkably affordable price. Youíll consider it money well spent when it start paying dividends on the field. Order this remarkable DVD today. 40 minutes. 2014.

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