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Half-A-Thousand Yard Offense Series

Half-A-Thousand Yard Offense Series

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with Kevin Kelley, Pulaski Academy (AR) Head Coach; 2014 Class 5A Arkansas State Champions; During a 12-year span (through 2014), Kelley's teams have gone 138-19-1, won four state titles and appeared in six state championship games.

Horizontal Passing Sets with Vertical Results

Kevin Kelley adheres to the philosophy that the more square yards a defender has to cover, the less effective the defense becomes. Using a horizontal set with a vertical pass mindset, he has adhered to this philosophy while winning two Arkansas State Championships and throwing for over 4,000 yards per season.

Using game film, Coach Kelley covers every aspect required to teach this explosive offense. This offense forces opponents to defend a multiple formation offense that spreads the field and attacks the defense in a variety of ways.

The first key in making this passing game go is to read the safeties and determine what they are trying to take away. Coach Kelley believes alignment is paramount to what they do on offense and explains his 2x2, 3x1, 4x1 and 3x2 sets. He uses as many as 10 different formations in the first 10 plays of each game to determine how the defense will align, so he can pinpoint their weaknesses.

Using a powerpoint before quickly moving on to game film, Coach Kelley discusses the pre-snap and post-snap read of his quarterback as well as the horizontal spacing of a defender. He believes the quarterback needs to take care of one defender with his read and the receiver will take of the other defender with his route. He coaches his quarterbacks to be patient on linebacker reads because they will give you "false reads," but tells his quarterback to be "quick" on safety reads.

You will see game cut-ups of route concepts as Coach Kelley teaches the dynamics of each play and what will make it successful. Man routes, read routes, and routes to isolate a short defender are all covered. He shows you how he uses play action to isolate the short defender and use his momentum against him. The "Spider" package includes play action off of the fly sweep and puts defensive reads in conflict with Spider Y, Spider Screen and Spider Y-X Flare.

Kelly provides a number of tips on:

  • Crossing routes that will protect your receivers from getting `lit up' after the catch
  • Quarterback reads - regardless whether it's Zone or Man Coverage - that are essential to your offense's effectiveness
  • Receiver reads and reactions that will allow even your `less talented' receivers to shine
  • Keeping a vertical philosophy in the Red Zone to maintain pressure on the safeties

Coach Kelley gives you a thorough break down of a passing game philosophy that can be easily and successfully applied to many of today's offensive sets. Let Coach Kelley teach you how to hang a half a thousand on your opponents this season by developing an outstanding passing game in your offensive system. 66 minutes. 2014.

Sprint Out Passing Game

Kevin Kelley is well known for his risk/reward style of play based on his philosophy of never punting and always onside kicking. In this video, Coach Kelley shows you how to spread the field and utilize the sprint out passing game. Included are complimentary run plays to rack up the yardage on offense, keep the ball away from your opponent and light up the scoreboard.

Kelley starts with his sprint out philosophy and how it affects both his pass and run plays in this area of his offense. The sprint out game is effective because:

  • You only have to block two defenders versus four or five
  • It shortens the throwing distance which creates a higher percentage passing play
  • The quarterback has more time to throw the ball
  • It sets up the counter run game and throwback screens

The brilliance of Coach Kelley's ideas are in the many ways you can attack a defense and get them moving by presenting a standard sprint out look. He includes sprint outs to the backs side and away, to the trips side, and to the single and weakside runs and screens that will keep the defense guessing. He also covers a number of base rules for quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers that players can rely on no matter the play call.

This video covers all the routes used in Coach Kelley's sprint out game. He breaks down the formations into one-, two- and no-back sets. Within each backfield set, you'll see 2x2, 3x1 and some 4x1 formations and other sets according to the personnel.

Kelley has several running plays for running backs and receivers that counter the sprint out action. These plays keep linebackers and d-linemen honest.

The sprint out simplifies pass protection, as the focus is on the two play-side down defenders versus all defenders along the line of scrimmage. It also moves your quarterback closer to his receivers when leaving the pocket and it gives your quarterback more time to make decisions and allow receivers to get open.

This video does a very thorough job of explaining philosophies, techniques, and uses for the sprint out passing game and complimentary running plays. It's an excellent tool for creating an entire package for the sprint out game. The creativity and simplicity of this sprint out passing game will create an advantage for your offense every time you line up. 69 minutes. 2014.

Multiple Formation Screens and Draws

Kevin Kelley is known nationally for taking calculated risks on fourth down and in the kicking game, but it is his offensive production that truly separates his program from others. Kelley has put together an offensive scheme that has averaged 500 yards of offense every Friday night. That number has been maintained through an incredible eight year run in which his team has been to the state championship game four times, winning twice.

Coach Kelly truly spreads the field and uses a no-back formation 25 percent of the time. So the need for a quality screen package is essential in his offense. This is not your standard fast and middle screen approach to attacking the defense. This screen package can be run from multiple formations (two back, four back, empty, quads, trips and doubles), with motion off of a jet sweep look, from sprint outs and can even be thrown to the quarterback.

Coach Kelley introduces his screen and draw philosophies before getting into the variety of schemes he utilizes. He runs screens with running backs, wide receivers and the quarterback, and out of a number of formations and motions.

The running back screen is broken into different categories. There are misdirection screens, play action screens, quarterback screens, sprint out screens, and many others. Coach Kelley covers the rules to each screen and the many looks each can be run from.

The wide receiver screen is either run from the inside out, outside in or run from position. The inside out screens are the bubble screens and motion to bubble. The outside in screens are the tunnel and middle screens. The other set of receiver screens have the receiver running from position. Again Coach Kelley thoroughly shows how each of these screens are executed and blocked using video cut ups.

While the screen game is a staple in Kelley's offense, the draw game is used sparingly. Kelley shows how to use the draw out of an empty backfield and the advantages that affords his offense. The "Drop Draw" gives the illusion of a pass to the defense as the quarterback flips the ball to the running back to attack the middle of the line. The "Quarterback Draw" and "Sweep Draw" round out the Bruin draw package.

A dynamic offense has balance and with this video you can provide needed balance to your offense and create big problems for defenses year after year. 65 minutes. 2014.

Gaining Possessions Using the Onside Kick

Kevin Kelley has put together a championship program that is unique in a variety of ways. His team almost never punts, almost always onside kicks, has averaged 500 yards per game on offense and has had an incredible eight-year run in which his team has been to the state championship game four times, winning twice.

The onside kicking strategy developed when Kelley realized that opponents were starting from their own 33 yard line on regular kick offs and from their 47 yard line on unsuccessful onside kicks. With the onside kick, his team was only giving up 14 yards of field possession, but with a chance to get the ball back.

In this video, Kelley teaches key aspects of the onside kick including how they place the ball on the tee, motions to approach the ball and successful techniques for recovering the ball. You'll see a traditional onside kick, multiple types of squib kicks, as well as a unique drop-kick onside kick.

Benefits to the onside kick:

  • Provides extra possessions for your offense
  • Affects opponents preparation and overall game plan
  • Lessens the chance of a big return
  • Creates field position advantages later in the game by kicking it over the opponent's head
  • Inspires creativity and enthusiasm in your players and coaches
  • Easy to install (20 minutes per week)

Coach Kelley uses game video to demonstrate his multitude of kickoffs. You will see "Onside Left" used with two kickers; the "NBA," which is a long onside kick; the "Super Squib" which is aimed at an opposing player; the "Super Middle" with everyone in the middle; the "Copter;" the "NFL" that drives the ball high into the air; and a "Dropkick" onside kick off that most coaches don't even know its legal!

Kelley discusses the advantages of each kickoff and how to align and kick the ball for each.

With so many misdirection and deceiving onside kick plays, your special teams will finally become truly special! 77 minutes. 2014.

The Fourth Down System

Experience an innovative, successful approach to the game of football. For over a decade, Kevin Kelley has gone against conventional football wisdom by going for it on fourth down - every time! Since making this controversial yet statistically sound decision, his teams have achieved unprecedented success, including multiple state championships. His basic philosophy: You cannot win by giving the ball back to the opponent after three offensive plays.

The first step to installing the fourth down philosophy is to win over your team and coaching staff. Coach Kelley believes a huge part of the philosophy is the psychological state of your team. The defense must relish the opportunity to stop the opposition on a short field and be mentally prepared to do so at any point in the game.

Using game footage, Kelley shows both successful and unsuccessful third and fourth down play sequences and points out the percentages of going for it versus punting. In this system, third down is treated as if it were second down and quite often a run play can be called on long yardage situations. He also highlights successful play packages he likes to use on fourth down.

Throughout the video, Coach Kelley persuasively argues his position using statistics and pointing out the benefits of always going for it including:

  • Changes the "normal" tendencies of defensive coordinators and forces them out of their comfort zone
  • Converting a fourth down improves the performance of your team my creating a psychological advantage
  • Keeps your offense on the field longer and you get more offensive plays
  • Saves practice time - no more working on punt team coverage

Through statistical analysis, use of real game scenarios, and proven success, Coach Kelley creates a compelling argument for using all four downs to improve offensive output and score at a higher rate.

"Just because something's always been done that way, doesn't mean it should continue to be done that way." - Kevin Kelley

45 minutes. 2014.