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Competitive Drills for Field Hockey Practice

Competitive Drills for Field Hockey Practice

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with Bertie Landes, Shippensburg University Head Coach; a 2011 selection to the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) Hall of Fame; Over 400 career victories

You often hear coaches and players talk about how their team manages to get the ball all the way to the attacking circle but returns empty handed. This DVD covers a variety of drills adapted from game situation to build an attacking team.

NFHCA Hall of Fame coach Bertie Landes delivers 17 drills you can use for a shooting warm up and drills that will teach you how to use small field games, and shooting skills to create a competitive atmosphere in your practices. Coach Landes diagrams each drill on a marker board and then demonstrates the drill with her team. 

Re-create game-like situations that will train your athletes to react quickly to scoring opportunities, deliver quick passes, rebound blocked shots, shoot under pressure, effectively receive and make passes, concentrate when fatigued, and more. Your defense will also benefit by learning how to mark, to get the ball out of the circle, to use the sideline as a defender and more. 

These are the same drills that Coach Landes has used over the course of her career to compile over 400 wins. Now you can implement these proven-successful drills into your field hockey program! 96 minutes. 2012.

Complete List of Drills: 

•Pass and Follow Drill
•Entry into Circle 
•Circle with a Shot
•Forwards Drill 
•One on the Goalie
•Scoring from the Post
•Drills of Possession 
•Split Pass
•Defense Marking
•3v2 Defense Keeps the Ball Outside
•2v1 Continuous to 2v2
•4v2 Continuous
•3v3 Confined Area 
•Penetration Drill 
•3v1, 3v2, 3v3
•Defense 4v3 Drill 
•2v1 Goal

Product Summary: This field hockey dvd is loaded with drills to train your players on proper shooting technique. Keep the defense off balance and score more often!

Editorial Review: Contains drills developed and used by a Hall of Fame coach that can help your squad with this vital aspect of field hockey play.

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