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Competitive Practice Drills for Field Hockey

Competitive Practice Drills for Field Hockey

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Montclair State University Head Coach Beth Gottung has coached many successful teams, including 4x NCAA D-III Tournament qualifier, 2012 NCAA D-III National Runners-up, and was named twice named New Jersey Athletic Conference Coach of the Year.

In this DVD she will teach you the drills that she uses to movitvate and challenge her team, as well as develop team spirit! Her presentation includes on field demonstrations and white board discussion. Coach Gottung cover many skills including hitting, ball control, passing and receiving, how to handle pressure and building competitiveness. Theses skills are reinforced throughout the drills.

Coach Gottung starts with a warm up drill called 'Our House' to get players moving, which is a possession game played in a small space with a limited number of players. This drill focuses the players attention on their specific skill set. The drill also encourages defenders to communicate and take the ball away from the offense. The offense must concentrate on position and passing in order to maintain possession.

Another drill is called 'Under Pressure Shooting and Fitness'. This drill recreates game-speed shooting pressure and encourages each player to giver 100 percent in sprinting and ball handling. In '1v12 Lane' you can create the specific defensive situation that you want to practice while maintaining the game-speed that your attack players need in order to develop their skills. This drill helps players develop their technique in a "re-defend" scenario and from a disadvantaged position. By improving body positioning and footwork players can defend without drawing penalities.

The information in this DVD will help your team build and maintain a competitive approach to the game, as well as perform under pressure in actual games. 94 minutes. 2013.

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