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Footwork, Feeds & Tags for Every Base

Footwork, Feeds & Tags for Every Base

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Ensure your players can efficiently get the ball to any base for the out(s) and avoid common injuries
  • Teach your players how to receive feeds at every base using specific footwork based on the source of the throw
  • Learn the correct arm slot for feeding or throwing to each base
  • Train your catcher to efficiently move her feet when receiving throws from the outfield to ensure a quick tag at the plate

with Lonni Alameda,
Florida State University Head Coach;
Back-to-Back-to-Back ACC Coach of the Year (2013-15);
Back-to-Back ACC Champions (2014-15),
2014 Women's College World Series; three straight NCAA Super Regional appearances (2013-15)

and Travis Wilson, Florida State University Assistant Coach

As the phrase goes, defense wins championships. Speedy base runners are a challenge for even the best defenses, as fielders are forced to work efficiently, wasting no time or movement. Lonni Alameda and Travis Wilson use over 15 drills to prepare their defense to be fast and efficient, to get out even the fastest runners.

Coaches Alameda and Wilson spend time breaking down the technique necessary on tag out procedures at each base, proper footwork at each base and how to provide a variety of feeds to those bases to ensure more outs on defense.


Plays at the plate are some of the most exciting and most difficult plays catchers will encounter. Catching the ball and applying the tag with a runner approaching is critical because any failure or inefficiency in either the catch or tag could result in giving up a run. Coach Alameda explains the proper mechanics and offers a drill to work on catching and tagging from the left and right side of the field.


The average runner in softball gets to first base in less than three seconds, so defenses have to play fast! With so little time to get the out, it's important to be efficient with footwork and throws. Coach Alameda shows you in-depth information on how your players should position themselves at each base when applying a tag out as well as force out.

Coach Wilson breaks down how to turn a double play from any position on the field. Footwork from both the second basemen and shortstop are covered while turning a double play as well as three different types of feeds to the base. The flip feed, the pivot throw and the outside turn throw are all thoroughly discussed and demonstrated. Coach Wilson also covers a few key aspects of corner play, such as footwork and picks at first base and cut offs.


Different defensive positions on the field require different throws. You never know exactly where the ball is going to be hit and, in turn, fielded. It is extremely important to be able to provide accurate throws to the proper bases based on where the ball has been fielded. In one drill, Coach Alameda uses a hula-hoop to give outfielders a visual of where she wants their throw to bounce to give the catchers a long hop, which is easier to receive on a play at the plate. Coach Wilson runs through five drills with the infielders to perfect their inside and outside turns, load and throws, glove flips, and throwing on the run.


Train your outfielders to make "do or die" throws to the plate utilizing proper footwork and throwing mechanics. Throws on the run, which are crucial for bang bang plays, are also discussed and demonstrated.

Great defenses make the whole team better because they take pressure off the pitcher and the offense. Let the Florida State coaches show you how to help your defense go from good to great by making them more efficient.

41 minutes. 2016.