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From the Ground Up: Building Rock Solid Infielders

From the Ground Up: Building Rock Solid Infielders

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Get the tools, techniques and drills you need to build dependable infielders
  • Train your players to make plays at multiple speeds, positions and angles
  • Learn techniques for developing a quick first step, an efficient angle to the ball, and for making quick, accurate throws
  • Improve range and save runs with effective backhand techniques and reverse pivot drills

with Bill Mosiello,
Texas Christian University Associate Head Coach/Hitting Coach;
back-to-back College World Series appearances (2014-15); 2015 TCU led the Big 12 in batting average(.285)

Tabbed by Baseball America as one of the nation's top assistant coaches, Bill Mosiello has over 25 years of coaching experience, including seven years of managing teams in the minor leagues. Most recently he lead the AA Arkansas Travelers in the Angels organization where he tutored Mike Trout for nearly two seasons. He began his career at Cerritos College, winning two California state junior college championships in his first four years as head coach. Mosiello has received Manager of the Year honors twice in the Alaska Summer League (1990, 1991) and once in the Cape Cod Baseball League (1998).

Learn the same drills and techniques used by one of the top college baseball programs in America.

TCU associate head coach, Bill Mosiello, delivers detailed training on proper fielding techniques for:

  • routine ground balls
  • backhanders
  • ground balls to the glove side
  • slow rollers
  • do or die ground balls
  • catch plays

Your players will learn strategies at game-like speeds while gaining knowledge of the adjustments and communication they need for success.

Fielding Technique

Coach Mosiello details his players' pre practice warm-up routine that emphasizes using proper technique for various infield plays. You'll see athletes go through numerous situations, including execution of proper technique without baseballs (dry fundamentals). Coach Mosiello challenges his players to visualize, then demonstrate the correct form for each play. Examples of the plays include routine ground balls, ground balls to the left, ground balls to the right and slow rollers.

Infield play starts with a great first step and seeing the ball into your hands. These drills give athletes an opportunity to perfect the position-specific actions they will be performing during practice and games. The drills are quick and efficient, and can be repeated on a daily basis to create good habits for infield play at all levels.

Fielding Fundamentals

Players put their techniques into action with various "live ball" drills. Your athletes will learn to lock in good fielding habits in a live setting. The 4-corners slow roller drill challenges players to make different plays from many angles. The roller drill is an extension of the dry fundamental drills performed during warm ups. This series trains players to adjust strategy and technique based on pace of slow rollers, runner's speed and game situations. Coach Mosiello highlights the importance of hand placement and body position when making plays.

Double Plays

One of the most important aspects of being an infielder is the ability to start and finish double plays. From underhanded flips, option pitches, to how and where to place your foot on the bag when turning the double play, Coach Mosiello details all facets of starting and turning double plays.

"Playing defense is the name of the game, you can't hit until you get the third out," according to Coach Mosiello.

Train your players to become dependable infielders by practicing the drills provided in this video.

112 minutes. 2015.