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Gary McKnight: Building a Championship High School Basketball Program

Gary McKnight: Building a Championship High School Basketball Program

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  • Discover key elements for developing and managing a championship basketball program
  • Gain insights into working with parents and administration, off-season training, choosing captains, building school pride, and much more
  • Learn how to give your players the best chance of success by adapting your coaching style to their unique qualities

with Gary McKnight, Mater Dei (CA) Head Boys Basketball Coach;
four consecutive California state championships (2011-14) and 11 overall; over 995 career wins; his teams have won at least 30 games 10 straight seasons

Gary McKnight uses his 30-plus years of coaching experience to help you build an outstanding high school program.

Using a lecture-style presentation, he shares leadership ideas and suggestions for creating life-long memories for all members of the program. As a young coach, this presentation can serve as a blueprint to create a successful program from ground up.

Highlights from Coach McKnight's presentation include:

  • Adapt your style to your players; find your players' strengths and capitalize on them.
  • Develop a positive relationship with administrators and parents of your student athletes.
  • Set high expectations for strong practice habits but allow room for growth.
  • Bring out the best in each student athlete with a style of play that helps them improve.
  • Make sure to set ground rules for the team.
  • Offer team-bonding opportunities.
  • Give players a sense of history with a Hall of Fame or Walk of Fame.
Listening to the ideas of a winner is key to success. Understanding how Gary McKnight drives his basketball program provides food for thought for any coaching trying to take his program to the next level. Coach McKnight's honest conversation is eye opening and provides insights that you might not get while attending a coaching clinic that is focused exclusively on drills.

52 minutes. 2015.