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Games to Teach the Game of Hockey 2-Pack

Games to Teach the Game of Hockey 2-Pack

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Featuring Jamie Rice,
Babson College Head Coach;
2x ECAC East Coach of the Year; 4x ECAC East Tournament Champions

This two-video bundle features:

Games to Teach the Game

The best way to prepare for competition is by developing practice habits that enhance skill development and reinforce how you want your players to respond during a game. In this presentation, Jamie Rice shares 13 of his best practice games that challenge players to compete and become fully engaged to achieve desired game outcomes.

  • Learn to simulate the competitive nature of games in your practices and prepare your players to respond to game situations
  • Use game play to create engaging, exciting practices that develop positive game-day habits
  • Train your players to get open and create passing lanes to move the puck and create odd man rushes that can lead to scoring chances
  • Use game play to bring out the best in your players and constantly create challenging practices

119 minutes. 2014.

More Games to Teach the Game

12 all new games for developing hockey skills in tight, game-like environments from the best-selling author of "Games to Teach the Games"

  • Develop fundamental skating and puck handling skills through fun, interactive and competitive drills
  • Teach players to defend and attack in unconventional practice situations, leading to better recognition and reaction in games
  • Use games to improve your players' on-ice awareness and hockey sense

101 minutes. 2016.