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Competitive Games for Golf Practice

Competitive Games for Golf Practice

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with Jimmy Stobs, Barry University Head Men's Golf Coach; 2013 NCAA Division II National Champions; 2x National Championship Coach (2013 & 2007); 2x GCAA National Coach of the Year (2013 & 2007)

Golfers spend too much time at the driving range and not enough practicing on the golf course. In this creative new look at golf practice, two-time National Coach of the Year Jimmy Stobs shares four creative formats for practicing course management and improving decision-making skills, which enables the competitive and casual golfer to get the most out of his or her game.

The objective of these formats is to teach golfers how to make good decisions on the course, especially when faced with challenging shots. For example, to improve concentration, players are instructed to deliberately hit into trouble spots and then focus on recovering. This is different from the "swing coach" approach that encourages golfers to practice only good shots.

Also included in the DVD are three games that emphasize shot making, short game skills, and focusing on a target. All three games are easily added to any practice session and can make team practices more interesting and fun while providing immediate feedback.

The information provided by Coach Stobs can be applied to a variety of skill levels. His on-course demonstrations clearly show how each drill and game should be performed. He includes a thorough analysis of how each drill can lead to lower scores. Players of all skill levels will enjoy these games and will reap the bene?ts of Stobs' years of experience and success at the collegiate level.

Practicing on the course and away from the range can put players in tournament situations, which will increase their confidence when they need it most. This new look at golf practice can help golfers work on specific shots to build their repertoire for future tournaments. DVD. 35 minutes. 2014.


This DVD is part of the set: Jimmy Stobbs Coaching Golf 2-Pack


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Practicing on the course and away from the range can put players in tournament situations, which will increase their confidence!
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