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Goalkeeping with Balance

Goalkeeping with Balance

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Train your goalies to make not just the first save, but the second and the third
  • Learn how gripping the stick can add up to more saves - or more goals against
  • Discover why a one-legged stack is a more useful tool than a traditional two-legged stack
  • Prevent opponents from scoring in the most dangerous part of the circle

with Joppe de Vries,
University of Maryland Assistant Coach/Technical Director;
former Goalkeeper Coach for South Africa's Senior Men's and Women's National Teams; has Coached all levels in the Netherlands

Goalies who are able to defend the second shots are an asset at any level of play. The ability to be set and ready for subsequent shots and use the glove and the stick is a skill necessary for success. Using a progression of clearing drills, Joppe de Vries takes you through how to make sure your goalie is set, balanced and ready to make not only the initial save, but then make a second and third save as well.

Learn how to teach your goalie to grip their stick to prevent any deflections into their own goal and how to make a reverse stick stop. Along with positioning and proper grip, you will learn more advanced skills such as a one-legged stack and how to prevent goals from being scored in the most dangerous part of the circle. Last but not least, you'll learn creative drills to help your goalie focus on the ball in a crowed circle and how to prepare to make saves on multiple shot attempts on the ground and in the air.

Ready Position

Knowing where to stand in the goal varies from goalie to goalie due to their size. Coach de Vries discusses the goalie ready position and how to grip the stick. You'll learn how to determine where your goalie should stand to make the best saves, how to be set for different angled shots, and how to position your goalie to stay balanced so they are ready for anything. Coach de Vries gives detailed examples of correct and incorrect form so you can see how the differences can impact play.

Footwork and Glove Saves

Coach de Vries shows you multiple drills to get your goalie's feet ready to take on different shots. He also discusses the appropriate way to make gloves saves. The difference in footwork when goalies are clearing, especially near the mouth of the goal, is additionally covered.

With his progressive drill segment, Coach De Vries demonstrates how to make a basic clear with the kick, then progresses to a kick save and stick save, ending with a foot, stick and glove save.

Coach de Vries shares a multitude of training tools to help your goalie react to unknown situations. You'll learn how to have your goalie react to aerial shots, bouncing shots, flat shot and much more. With fun and innovative drills and exercises, you will have a variety of tools to keep your goalie working on the fundamentals.

"Most of the Goalie training videos I have seen don't make it simple and straightforward. (Joppe De Vries) makes coaching a goalie seem less intimidating. His use of basic concepts as a starting point makes this a must have for any coach." - Customer Review

34 minutes. 2016.