3-Zone Face-Offs

3-Zone Face-Offs

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with Blaise MacDonald,
UMASS-Lowell Head Coach

Face-offs are an area of the game that requires dedicated time in every practice.

Blaise MacDonald feels that a team that can win 55 % of the 50-70 face offs that occur in a typical game

definitely has the upper hand in the outcome of the game.

Coach MacDonald's five-part presentation features:

  • Technical Skills for the Face off - In this segment, he details 12 specific skills to take into consideration for improving your team's face offs. MacDonald also shares specific in-game coaching tips to put your team in better control of a face-off situation.
  • Defensive Zone Strategies - MacDonald shares five specific face-off plays that are designed to get the puck out of the defensive zone as quickly as possible.
  • Neutral Zone Strategies - See six proven face-off plays diagrammed and demonstrated.
  • Offensive Zone Strategies - MacDonald presents seven successful face offs that cover a variety of game situations.
  • Drills and Skills - MacDonald takes his team through a rapid fire series of the face-offs presented to give you a firsthand look at how he trains face-offs with his team on a daily basis.

In all, you get a total of 18 specific face-off plays, each diagrammed and demonstrated, as well as game and practice strategies that are sure to help your team gain an upper hand in winning the face-off battle over your opponents!

55 minutes. 2010.