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The Power Lock Forecheck

The Power Lock Forecheck

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with Mike McShane,
Norwich University Head Men's Hockey Coach;
2010 NCAA D-III National Champions;
2010 American Hockey Coaches' Association D-III National Coach of the Year;
3x NCAA D-III Nationional Championships,
4x National Coach of the Year;
over 500 career victories and 8x appearances in the D-III Frozen Four.

In this 3-part presentation, Mike McShane takes you through a complete guide to the power lock forechecking system that he has used with great success.

You will learn four objectives to maximize the power lock forechecking system: Turnovers, Transition, Retrievals, and Attacks.

Get detailed instruction on the power lock forechecking system in all three zones:

  • Offensive Zone - Aggressively attack the puck in the offensive zone while providing defensive support.
  • Neutral Zone - Position your players to create turnovers and quickly transition into the attack.
  • Defensive Zone - Provide your team with effective options for breaking the puck out of the defensive zone.

In each zone, McShane diagrams the positions and strategies for successful forechecking. He details the responsibilities of each player and how best to transition into the attack. Following the marker board sessions, McShane demonstrates the strategies on the ice.

McShane concludes the presentation with a system review that also profiles the foundational skills and the personnel breakdown of the power lock forechecking system.

Create more offense and better defensive support using Mike McShane's power lock forechecking system!

42 minutes. 2011.


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