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Goaltending Today: Traditional Values Through New Techniques

Goaltending Today: Traditional Values Through New Techniques

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with Joe Bertagna,
Director of the Bertagna Goaltending School,
Commissioner of Hockey East, Executive Director of the American Hockey Coaches Association, and former Boston Bruins (NHL) and U.S. Olympic Team goaltending coach 
and Mike Morrison,
former NHL Goaltender and member of the 1999 NCAA Champs from the University of Maine Black Bears.

In this 9-part presentation, legendary goaltender and coach Joe Bertagna incorporates the latest, cutting edge goalie instruction with traditional, time-tested techniques required for success.

Starting with the stance, coaches Bertagna and Morrison show how the stance has been affected by newer equipment and technology. To fill the space between the pipes, Bertagna and Morrison demonstrate the most effective stance for dropping into the butterfly position and maintaining a focus on the inside of the skate blades.

With the stance established, Bertagna diagrams the traditional 5-hole template of vulnerable shooting areas. Using the "new" stance, Morrison reviews the areas of the net that are the hardest to cover showing why it's important to be able to butterfly and extend. 

In the blocking segment, Bertagna and Morrison discuss the way today's goalies make saves focusing on the fact that reaction saves have diminished and block saves are increasing. Included are both body position techniques and location tips. You will also see drills that train today's favored blocking techniques. A separate segment focuses on chest shots where the coaches cover trapping techniques along with a high goal shot drill that challenges the goalie with a variety of chest shots. 

In the "crease movement" segment you will learn to get your goalies to the right place at the right time and under control. This segment includes:

•5-cone crease drill to train short precise movements.
•"C" step instruction with six key phases plus shooting drills for training the "C" step.
•Butterfly Push including situations when to use it, technical breakdown and tips for performing the skill, includes demonstrations with a variety of puck positions and how to move on each. 
•The Coil: This modern technique system is used to stop pucks low in the zone. Morrison demonstrates when and how to use it, identifying the pros and cons of this method of play. 
Bertagna and Morrison close the DVD with detailed segments on strategies for defending shootouts, breakaways and puck handling. He also details glove positioning on the stick to make the best passes when clearing the puck. Bonus instruction covers the coil and how to execute the Y-drill to train your goalies by combining movement skills. 

This DVD is incredibly comprehensive as it identifies the transitions in the position along with new techniques and strategies that will enable you to train your goalies to be more effective in front of the net by influencing the shooter as well as making more stops! A must have for goaltending coaches and for goaltenders! 

78 minutes. 2011. DVD.