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All-Access RPI Hockey Practice with Seth Appert

All-Access RPI Hockey Practice with Seth Appert

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with Seth Appert, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Head Coach

See the inner workings of the RPI hockey program including practice planning meetings, opponent video analysis, and complete on-ice practices as they unfold. Go behind the bench with the RPI coaches as they implement their strategies during a regular season game. This four-disc set includes more than 7 hours of live footage produced with Seth Appert and the RPI coaching staff.

Disc 1 - Tuesday
Sit in on a pre-practice coaches' meeting and then hit the ice as the Engineers run through a variety of drills to develop individual skills. Up the tempo with neutral zone attacks including 3-on-2s, 3-on-3s, 5-on-5s and small area games.

Disc 2 - Wednesday
After the pre-practice meeting, the coaches work with the goalies to track shots and pick up rebounds. Practice then moves to power play strategies for entering the zone, board play, rotations, breakouts, entering the offensive zone and setting up. It's followed by work on penalty killing with a focus on defensive zone faceoffs. After a session on individual passing and shooting skills, practice concludes with 2-on-1s, 3-on-2s, and 5-on-5s.

Disc 3 - Thursday
The coaches set the stage for a high-tempo practice during their meeting and discuss tweaks to their breakout and neutral zone play, based on their opponent. Watch as the coaches conduct a video analysis of their opponents with the team, including their forecheck, neutral zone forecheck, faceoffs, puck pursuit and defensive play. During the on-ice practice, they work on shots from the point, faceoffs, the power play, 5-on-3s, 2-on2s, neutral zone play, breakouts with pressure and small area games. Practice concludes with a competitive shootout drill.

Disc 4 - Friday, Game Day
On game day, coaches stress a team-first mentality and run a light pregame skate. It includes a progressive passing and shooting drill starting at the neutral zone faceoff dots, 5-on-0 neutral zone regroup, and a number of position-specific drills for wings, centers, defensemen and goalies. Then, it's game time! Sit in on the team's pregame locker room meeting, get behind the bench with the coaching staff during the game, break down video footage between periods, and hear Coach Appert's post-game analysis with the team and media.

This all access pass to the RPI hockey program provides more than 7.5 hours of behind-the-scenes footage with Coach Appert and a collection of strategies and drills to improve your teams performance.

450 minutes (4 DVDs). 2012.