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The Beast Penalty Kill System

The Beast Penalty Kill System

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with Jack Arena, Amherst College Head Coach;
over 375 career wins; 2012 AHCA National Coach of the Year; 2012 NCAA Frozen Four; 2012 NESCAC Champions

Special teams play is critical to the overall success of all hockey programs. In this video, 2012 AHCA National Coach of the Year Jack Arena takes you step-by-step through his "Beast" penalty kill system that will turn up the pressure on your opponent and force turnovers for easy penalty kill clears.

Coach Arena uses white board instruction to describe each aspect of his penalty kill philosophy before taking you onto the ice. He clearly breaks down both the technical components of individual play, as well as the tactical approach of four players working together for penalty killing success.

Coach Arena provides great detail on how to effectively kill penalties using various forechecking systems. Through his instruction you will learn:
Coach Arena's three main objectives when coaching the penalty kill.
A forecheck system to push the power play into your penalty kill defense system - giving you the advantage.
How to work together as a four-man unit to successfully defend any power play system.
How a good forecheck system using angling with body and stick techniques will disrupt the flow of the power play attack and entry.
How to even the numbers at the puck, leaving the 2-on-1 against match ups as far away from the net or danger areas as possible.
How creating 1-on-1 battles in `safe areas' on the ice will have "your four outworking their five."
And more!
While penalty killing is not as glamorous as the power play, Coach Arena shows you how to motivate your players creating a culture for a strong, successful penalty kill system for your program.48 minutes. 2013. DVD.

Product Summary: This penalty kill system can produce immediate results for your team on the ice. Improve this area of your game by taking away the advantage for your opponent. 

Editorial Review: The ice hockey penalty kill system is presented in a step-by-step manner in this dvd. The tactical approach, motivational aspect, and demonstrations are excellent. Overall Rating: 5.0 out of 5