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The Defensive Skating System

The Defensive Skating System

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Learn about the Defensive Skating System with Adam Nicholas, Lewiston Maine IACS Skating and Skills Coach and North Yarmouth Academy Director of Player Development. With this system you will be able to stop high scoring forwards. Nicholas has taught this highly effective system to players at every level, from  youth to the NHL.

Don't give your opponent time and space to cause trouble for your defense while crossing over. This system will help defensive players stay square to an opponent, recover, maintain a close gap and maintain speed without crossing over.

The system starts with a simple T-push and advances through 20 progressive skills and drills to improve defensive skating for players at all levels. These include:

The Lidstrom Arcing Technique - Allows for quicker left/right reactions when closing on an opponent.
Niedermayer Progression - Lets defensive players gain momentum without crossing over and also helps them effectively recover to the left or right and to re-gap to stay in good defensive position.
Tight Air - Lets defenders maintain momentum and containment when forwards make turns in the corner.
Box Drill Progression - Teaches how to maintain speed in the neutral zone enabling players to track opponents and maintain a tight gap when accepting an on-coming rush.
Defensive X Drill - Combines all of the defensive skating techniques from this progression for developing proper tracking control.
Also included are stick handling tips to improve defensive performance in tandem with skating techniques.

This is system great for any player looking to shut down a rushing opponent. Improve the defensive skating of players at every position with this expert instruction! 43 minutes. 2014.